Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring/Summer wants

I love seeing what other people have there eye on and want to buy. So I thought I would share with you the items that are on my "want list" for this Spring/Summer. I will never buy everything on this list. Though I love making a want list every season to get inspired and excited for the upcoming seasonal trends.  My list's are always changing with stuff being added and subtracted but for right no w these are the items I really want!

Sorry the jean jacket got on here twice! ops 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Craving color - Bright shoes

Its been forever and a day sense I have done a blog post. I was buried with projects last week. I really missed not posting anything and I planed to but time got away. I still want to put up my carry on bag essentials video up though I have had some problems with it not uploading to my blog. If any one has any suggestions let me know!

I have been craving spring and sunny weather ever sense vacation. Thought sense there is still snow on the ground I have been looking to bright colors to brighten up my days. The last two weeks I do not think I wore any dark "boring" colors at all. So I thought I would share with you what I wore today! I love these fun colored rain boots and they make any dull day better!

                                    My inspiration-Pinterest

1. Oatmeal colored sweater- Target (similar- color cream)
2. White t-shirt- Aerie (same)
3. Black leggings - Same Club (similar)
4. Hot pink rain boots- Walmart yes that's right! (It took forever to find a pair of pink rain boots that didn't cost $150 but these turned out great)  (similar) (similar) 
5. Boot liners- Marshall's (similar)
6. Bag is Tommy Hilfiger from Marshall's (similar)
7. Pearl studs- Charming Charlie's (same)
8. Sand dollar necklace- Charming Charlie's (similar)
9. Bangle- Gap (similar)

This post from Pink Peonies pretty much sums it up! COLOR, COLOR, COLOR 
 Hope you are having a great week!

PS: I would really love to share with you my daily outfits instead of just random ones here and there. So I was thinking I would post a video every Friday with my daily outfits from the week. I thought it would be easier to just take a daily video of my outfit and compile them into one video. What do you think? Would you rather me do a video every Friday, or a picture post one day with all my outfits from the week just because it is too hard to post my outfits everyday! I will still post things on Monday and Wednsday they will just be other things other than fashion most likely.