Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Torrie Tuesday: What Torrie Got For Christmas

Two Posts in one day too make up for no post going up yesterday! Since I shared Torrie's wish list last week for Torrie Tuesday I thought I would have her share what she got for Christmas as well. For not having filmed any videos before I thinks she did pretty good! I linked all the items she received below. Let me know if you would like to see more videos with Torrie.

What I Got For Christmas 2016

I am back for the third year to share with you what I got for Christmas this year! I love watching these videos on Youtube and sharing with you what I received this holiday season. This video is going up later then planned on once again it took almost a full 24 hours to upload 😬 We are heading out soon on a little over night trip to celebrate Torrie's birthday a little early which I will be sharing with you more info on that in an upcoming post. I hope you enjoy this haul and let me know if you have any questions about what I shared with y'all! 

PS: Check out my 2014 and 2015 video if you enjoy this post

Monday, December 26, 2016

Casual Holiday Outfit

Time has just been going way to fast these past couple of days and blogging had just not made the cut for what I have time for. I had a great Christmas with friends and family! Friday I baked all day and then we went to see this awesome drive thru Christmas lights show. It got me in the holiday spirit just in time for Christmas Eve. Saturday I worked in the morning but we had friends over for a Christmas Eve dinner which was so nice. We caught up, ate way to much, and exchanged gifts. We finished the night with church which by that point I was SO tired I could hardly stay awake. Yesterday for Christmas we had a chill morning at home sleeping in, opening gifts, and having brunch. For dinner we went to a friends house and ate way to much again. Are you getting the pattern of eating with our family ;)

As promised I finally shot a bunch of different blog outfits so today I am sharing with you what I wore for Christmas day yesterday. I am loving this red vest I bought over black Friday it just seems to fit so well in my wardrobe. I loved this look because it was casual yet festive! I would love to hear how your Christmas went. 

PS:  Check back tomorrow for my annual Christmas haul video with an extra bonus video!

T-shirt: J Crew Factory / Vest: J Crew Factory / Jeans: J Crew Factory / Necklace: J Crew Factory (similar) (similar) / Earrings: Miadora / Shoes: Ralph Lauren 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

What Is In My Michael Kors Purse

I don't know what was wrong with my iMovie but for the life of me I could not get this video to upload to Youtube but after much trial I FINALLY got it up! I had the busiest day baking for Christmas, shopping at the grocery store, frosting cookies, and going to see Christmas lights. I can not believe tomorrow is already Christmas Eve. While I am planning on updating you more with Christmas related posts I am going to keep this short and sweet for today because I have to work in the morning and need to head to bed! 

I filmed this video at the end of August right after I bought this purse but I wanted to wait a few months to make sure I gave you an accurate review of my thoughts on the bag. I can honestly say that I love everything about this bag and I do not regret buying this purse one bit. It is the perfect size as it fits everything I need without being to big. The front pocket for my phone is perfect and all the compartments keep it so organized. I love the two toned brown color too as this bag seems to go with everything! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Torrie Tuesday: Christmas Wish List

It has been forever since I posted a series for Torrie Tuesday mainly because she is quite busy that it is hard for her to find time to get her outfit pictures taken. She is busy most days after school. Hopefully with me being home for the month I can help her take some pictures so we will have some saved up!

I had a pretty busy day running to doctors appointments and I got my hair done. Torrie and I went to the mall later on and finished up some last mixture Christmas shopping which means I am DONE with all my Christmas shopping for friends and family. I guess I am not the only one who left some shopping until last minute as the mall was quite busy! I tried to take outfit pictures today once I got home from my hair appointment but it was just a bit to dark outside. It is honestly so hard to take blog pictures when it gets dark before 5pm. I promise though Friday Torrie and I will be spending the afternoon shooting lots of outfits!

In the spirit of Christmas I thought I would share with you what is on Torrie's Christmas wish list as we have very different things. She is not into clothes as much as I am but she has some great things on her wish list. I hope you enjoy this fun posts!


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Traditions

I am finally home for the semester and I could not be any happier! I am ready to take some time off and relax and have some fun. I will be working some days at Ralph Lauren but it shouldn't be too bad. With Christmas drawing near I thought it would be fun to share some of our families holiday traditions. I have to admit that this idea came fully from The College Prepster but I thought it was such a cute idea. Plus it's a cool way to see what other people do around the holidays.

Traditions are something that I have come to cherish more and more as I get older. It makes coming home for the holidays more exciting. I love adding new holiday traditions to what we do. We have started a few new traditions since I started college that I hope to continue for a while!

1. On Christmas Eve we always have pierogi's and french onion soup for dinner. Sometimes we spend Christmas Eve with friends & family but no mater who it's celebrated with we always make sure to have this dish. Last year my mom and sister made homemade pierogi's and they tasted so good they are making them from scratch again this year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gift Guide 2016: Gifts That Give Back

As I wrap up my gift guides for this years holiday season I wanted to focus on giving back to others. Giving back to charity has always has always been a big passion of mine! I think when you are able to give back to others it helps to remind you of how lucky you are. I have posted all these gift guides over the past few weeks to help you with your holiday shopping but the holidays are not all about the gifts. The holidays are about giving back and I think sometime we forget that. If you are reading my blog and can't afford to give a gift gifts this year just spending time with others is a gift. Sometimes the simplest gestures make the best gifts. Another idea to help give back this holiday season is to purchase a gift that gives back in some way. These products below are so cute and the companies help with some amazing causes. As the holidays are right around the corner just keep in mind that sometimes it is not about the gifts you give but the memories you make! 

If you missed some of my other gift guides check them out here: 

Love Your Melon Hat: When you buy one of their hats fifty percent of profit from the sale is donated to Love Your Melon’s nonprofit partners in the fight against pediatric cancer. They have notated over 1 million dollar which is amazing!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Favorite Holiday Treats

I took the weekend off from blogging to spent some time at home and try to rest a little before the craziness of exams start. I worked the whole weekend but I went home to go out to dinner with the fam! I figured that some of you were probably a bit sick of seeing gift guide after gift guide so I decided to do something completely different today! The specialty holiday treats get me so excited for the holidays. I love anything mint and candy cane related! So I thought it would be fun to share my favorite holiday treats. As for the gift guides my goal is to finish all of those up tomorrow and have them posted. I know Christmas is fast approaching and shopping by now is in full swing so I want to get them up soon. I should have a little extra time this week in between studying as I am done with classes. Finally I hate that I have not posted an outfit post in weeks but I just have not had the time to shoot pictures. It gets dark so early that even when I do go home it's too dark. I promise thought once I am home next week their will be lots of outfit posts! Let me know if you try any of these holiday treats or if you have any other suggestions. 

Soy Nog: As I don't eat dairy this soy nog is my only option but guys it is SO GOOD! It taste better then regular egg nog because it is not so rich and I think Silk changed the formula this year because it taste even better then I remembered! 

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels: If you remember I shared the pumpkin spice pretzels from this same brand this fall and these are just as good. I have to admit I ate theses tonight as a post workout snack ;) 

Candy Cane Milano's: My sister bought these and once I tried them I was hooked. I don't have too much to say about these other then they are AMAZING! 

Westsoy Peppermint Hot Chocolate: This is peppermint hot chocolate made with soy milk and it is so good. I mix it with plain soy milk and heat it up for the perfect hot drink. If you like peppermint drinks from Starbucks I think you would really enjoy this. 

Candy Cane Cookies: I found these in the health food section at Wegman's last time I was their and these are really good. They are gluten and nut free which is great and they taste less artificial then regular Oreo's. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Gift Guide 2016: Mother

Thank goodness it's Friday what I week! I have to work this weekend and start preparing for all my finals next week. Only one more week of school (I can do it)! I am also going to try and relax a bit in between work after one stressful week. Creating these gift guides though has been a great way for me  to get my mind off of other stuff. I love being able to help y'all with your holiday shopping and hopefully make it easier on you. I also love finding the coolest items on line. So for today's gift guide it is all about the mom's in our lives. Mom's are the best and deserve the best gifts so I hope this gift guide can help! With that I am off to get ready for work so I am not late ;)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gift Guide 2016: Guys

Two blog posts in one day what is this craziness? Well I am in the process of doing laundry and had some time on my hands as I wanted to take a break from writing two papers so I decided to knock out another gift guide for y'all. This one is for all the men in your life. I really tried to think of things that all guys would enjoy and I am really surprised with how good the list came out! If you are getting sick of all the gift guides they will be wrapping up shortly as I only have a few more I plan on doing. I would love to know if you have any other unique gift ideas for guys as I am always looking for idea!


Gift Guide 2016: My Holy Grail Items

With this being the third year that I have been doing gift guides for the holidays I have really been trying to rack my brain with unique gift guide ideas so I don't end up doing the same thing every year! This gift guide idea randomly came to me and I loved putting this one together for you! While I share my current favorites on the regular I really wanted to round up the products that I completely can't live with out! I tried to include a mix of different items and price ranges. I really think that any of the things on this gift guide would make for a perfect gift ;) 


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Gift Guide 2016: Under $25

Guys I suck I know I said in my last post that I was going to try and blog everyday in December well as you can tell that already fell apart! I got busy with work and school work. On top of everything else I got a cold in the past day and I feel pretty crappy. So I think you will understand I need to get some sleep so I am just going to leave you with a super fun gift guide! I created a gift guide for items all under $25. I really tried to find items that looked more expensive then they are and also I tried to get a variety of different gifts for everyone on your list! I hope you find this helpful and FYI my plain is to try and have all my gift guides up by the end of the week in order to give you time before Christmas! Back to blowing my nose :(


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy December

In the spirit of it being December 1st today I thought I would share some fun pictures I took last week when we went to get our Christmas tree. This is the second year we have gone to cut down our own tree and it's honestly such a great time. I hope to continue to do this for years to come as my family has always gotten a real tree. I did actual help cut it down this year and it wasn't that bad! The place we go to is the cutest they have a horse ride that takes you right to the trees. Once you get out their they have saws and a nice warm fire too! We were pretty quick picking out a tree this year as we had limited time because I had to get to work. The tree we picked looks really nice in the house though I think the fam has yet to decorate the tree.  The tree farm also has the cutest country store so we made sure to pick out a wreath for the front door and get some kettle corn! I hope you enjoy this fun post and let the countdown to Christmas begin. 

In other news I am going to try and blog everyday for the month of December but I am not making any promises as these next two weeks are going to be crazy as the semester comes to an end!