Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Traditions

I am finally home for the semester and I could not be any happier! I am ready to take some time off and relax and have some fun. I will be working some days at Ralph Lauren but it shouldn't be too bad. With Christmas drawing near I thought it would be fun to share some of our families holiday traditions. I have to admit that this idea came fully from The College Prepster but I thought it was such a cute idea. Plus it's a cool way to see what other people do around the holidays.

Traditions are something that I have come to cherish more and more as I get older. It makes coming home for the holidays more exciting. I love adding new holiday traditions to what we do. We have started a few new traditions since I started college that I hope to continue for a while!

1. On Christmas Eve we always have pierogi's and french onion soup for dinner. Sometimes we spend Christmas Eve with friends & family but no mater who it's celebrated with we always make sure to have this dish. Last year my mom and sister made homemade pierogi's and they tasted so good they are making them from scratch again this year!

2. On Christmas morning we always have a huge brunch after we open all of our presents. My mom always makes an egg casserole and blueberry strata. We eat so much for brunch that by the time dinner comes around we normally just have some cookies or ice cream because none of us are too hungry. 

3. We always go to church on Christmas Eve around 11pm for the night service. 

4. When it comes to opening gifts we all take turns opening a few gifts at once that way we all get a chance to open something. 

5. We usually open all our stocking stuffers first before we open any bigger items. 

6. We always get a real Christmas tree and the past two years we have cut it down ourselves. 

7. Later on at night we normally work on a puzzle, play with our new gadgets and/or play games. It has also turned into a tradition for my sister to help me film a Christmas haul for all you guys to watch!

8. We normally open gifts fairly early in the morning after we wake up thought the time as gotten later since we have gotten older. We never shower or get ready until later on in the day. 

9. We try to drive around on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to see how people have decorated their houses and to find the best light show in the area.


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