Sunday, September 19, 2021

Loving Outdoor Voices New Arrivals

When I visited Austin this summer I went into the Outdoor Voices flag ship store and get their exercise dress for my birthday. I had a few pieces from them but have recently purchased a few new items from them. I noticed some really cute new items that came out I wanted to share. While I don't think I will be purchasing any of these items anytime soon because you know budgeting (ugh) I am loving this sweatshirt and just might have to get it at some point!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Madewell Does It Again (Mid-Rise Perfect Vintage Jean)

I definitely can get behind the non-skinny jean trend. I have about two favorite pairs of jeans that are my go-to ones and the rest don't really get worn. The two that I have are more on the edge of a skinny jean. I do like the look of more straight-cut jeans but don't like high-rise. I had tried on a few pairs here and there and they all looked so bad on me. I normally end up looking like a boy or they just don't fit right. Jeans are such a hassle. Last month I decided on a total whim to try on this new style of jeans when I was in Madewell. I had a birthday coupon for $25 off my purchase. Which side note if you are not on the Madewell rewards you need to be because the birthday coupon along was such a deal! When I was in the store I didn't really have any plans on even trying on jeans. But this mid-rise pair intrigued me so I decided to try them on. I thought they fit good but kind of wanted to try them one size down which they were sold out of. I ended up ordering them online and went with the original size I had tried on. So I went with the 27 which is my normal size in jeans even though some of the reviews said they ran large. 

I love the wash and cut of them. They fit me really well and are so comfortable. If you have a shorter torso and larger legs these might just be the perfect pair. I will say my mom tried them and actually didn't like them at all. Jeans just vary so much from person to person but I had to share these because I am loving them! 

I also fell in love with Madewell's jean shorts this summer. Read the post here

T-Shirt: J Crew Factory // Jeans: Madewell 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Books I Read This Summer (2021)

Growing up I was NOT a reader at all. The only times I would read was if it was for school. Over the past few years, I have started to read a bit more especially in the summer months when traveling and laying at the pool. This summer I did a lot more reading than usual and really enjoyed it. I find that Reese Witherspoon's book recommendations are usually very good! Let me know any books you read this summer I should check out. 
1. Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner // This was the first book I read this summer after finding it at Target and picking it up based on reading the cover. This book did a good job keeping me interested and the ending was not what I had originally expected. This book is part friend drama, part mystery, and part romance. I did enjoy this book but would have to give it about 3.5/5 stars based on the other books I read this summer. 

Friday, September 3, 2021

Summer Favorites

Well, the summer is coming to an end already (insert crying emoji) and I am back in Buffalo for the weekend. I am enjoying the last few days of summer for a friend's wedding. Once I head back to Dallas next week it won't exactly feel like fall which is nice but my summer of travel will be over. It is funny because during Covid I really didn't think I was missing travel all that much but I guess I was. I loved going to new and favorite places and really taking time off to relax. I think I missed traveling way more than I realized. Having things to look forward to is key for me. Even though I am sad to see the summer go I am looking forward to the cooler weather, getting some goals accomplished, and I even head back into the office soon.  

I think the last time I posted my monthly favorites was back in May so I decided to make one list of all my favorite products, food, clothes, etc. from the last three months. As always there is lots of randomness!