Monday, February 24, 2014

Magazine inspiration

Its just my luck that I came down with a cold today so todays post is going to be simple but I really like the idea I came up with.  So on my trip I had time to read the newest edition of Instyle while on the plane. I found a lot of great inspiration and trends for the upcoming spring season. So I decided to take some pictures of things in the magazine that really inspired me, so I thought I would share. Enjoy!

The cover
The color mint is in this season, and I love this color!  

 Color combs for mint 

Pastel colors are a major trend! 
 Is it just be or do these colors remind you of Easter? 

                           I love this dress by Jessica Simpson that goes with the pastel trend

This gave me a great idea for a outfit. 

Must buy and try: 
I love charcoal skin care products 
and these are affordable
(charcoal products)
I have always wanted to try a sheet mask (sheet mask)                                      
 Great travel palette for a great price (Lorac Palette)
Would be great for bronzer (brush)
I don't think its out yet (video sneak peak)
(nail polish)

                             I love this ring for a VARYYYYY far of engagement its just to pretty.

On that note tonight is going to consist of watching the Bachelor and getting over my cold. Hope you feel better then I do and stay chic!

PS: tell me if you want me to do more of these types of post!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Update of what's to come

So I am now home from vacation and unpacked. It is kind sad to be back to cold weather, school and the usual boring life stuff. But hey we are close to spring right?! I thought I would do an update of what's upcoming on my blog and just fill you in...

* So my Schedule is going to be back to a Monday,Wednesday, Friday and Sunday post! The first month I was not that great with this but I am going to try to stick with this routine.

* I am still going to do fashion and baking but I am going to to be doing some beauty and life style stuff as well!

* I filmed a video while on vacation which should be up this week. With that said I am going to try to do more videos on my blog because I really like doing them and some times I think its better than just a few pictures.

* I really enjoyed doing "snapshots of what I did each day" so I think I might do more of these. I am not sure if I am going to do this every week or just when I have fun things going on, but I will keep you posted with what I decide.

* I am going to do a few blogs to get to know me more.

I wanted to keep this short but that is just a few things I wanted to fill you in on. I would love it if you told me what you think. Also give me any suggestions on what you would like to see me post! 

Have a great day 

Vacation day 8

Today was our last day on vacation which was pretty sad because the weather was so nice! Also my sister and me loved spending time with family.

Vacation day 8 outfit - Went to a fancy place for lunch 

Forgot to take a proper pic. of my outfit so it looks a bit wearied  

1. Cream dress is from Billabong (same)
2. Tan Sandals are from American Eagle  (same)
3. Handbag is from Francesca's (same) (similar) 
4. Sunglasses are Ray-ban (same) 
5. Sandollar necklace is from Charming Charlie's (really similar)

Snapshot of day 8 

Today we really didn't do to much other than go to a pretty fancy restaurant for lunch! The food was excellent and it was a nice day to end a great vacation! We were going to swim but it was rainy so hard and also thundering so we couldn't swim but it was ok. I had an amazing week and do not want to go back home to the cold :(

Vacation day 7

Sorry this is going up late but I wanted to show you what I wore on vacation this day because I really like how the outfit turned out!

Vacation day 7 outfit 

Necklace I am wearing 

1. Hot pink tank top is from Target (similar) (similar)
2. Navy Skirt is from Target (similar)
3. Tan Sandals are from American Eagle (same)
4.Nekclace is from from Charming Charlie's (same)
5. Stud earrings are from Target (same)
6. Sunglasses are Ray-ban (same)

Snapshot of day 7 

We woke up early went to breakfast for bagel's and then went on a lunch boat cruse. We saw tons of HUGE homes and had a nice sandwich lunch on the boat!

One of the houses we saw

After the boat trip we had a light dinner consisting of ice cram :) Finally at night me and my sis went for a swim!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vacation day 6

Today's outfit was pretty simple and I did not take a picture of my outfit during the day. So I took the picture my self in front of a mirror so I am sorry for the bad quality.

Vacation day 6 outfit 

1. Ombre aqua t-shirt from Aerie (same)
2. Jean shorts are from Target (similar)
3. Boat shoes are Sperry top siders (same)
4. Mint headband is from Lululemon (similar)

I realized I did not even put any jewelry on today!

Snapshot of day 6 

I started the day with breakfast, quickly getting ready (hence the lazy outfit) and posting a blog post about yesterday! Then I made St. Patrick's/spring cut-out cookies with my sis.

After we cleaned up we went out to dinner and got an orange ice cream again (its really good). We came back and now we are just hanging out on our computers. We have to wake up really early again for a boat trip tomorrow which should be fun!

PS: Hope you had a good hump day

Vacation day 5

Sorry this is a day late!! 

It was a really busy day so I did not have time to take a proper picture of my outfit so I just decided to use a picture we took from our days outings. I literally spent a 1/2 hour trying to crop this picture to get it more zoomed in on my outfit but it wouldn't work so I am just leaving it.

Vacation day 5 outfit 

Close up of the necklace 

Note: I am not going to put the dates on things anymore unless you really want me to because I just don't really see the point and it gets confusing.

1. Navy t-shirt is from Gap (similar)
2. Sand colored shorts are from Target (similar)
3. Sandals are from Target (similar)
4. Bubble necklace with matching earrrings from Charming Charlie's (same)
5. Handbag is from Francesca's collection (same) (similar)

Snapshot of day 5  

We woke up really early and went to the Kennedy space center all day! It was a really great trip and I would definitely recommend it as something to do. After that we went home had dinner and just hung out because we were really tired.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Vacation day 4

Today was a really chill day just hanging out and going to the pool! So my outfit was not that fancy but here it is...

Vacation day 3 outfit 

1. Coral workout tanktop is from American Eagle but I got it at Marshall's- bought a few weeks ago (same)

2. White shorts are from Target- about a year old (similar)
3. White shoes are Converse- about a year old (same)
4.  Handbag is from Francesca's collection- a few months (same) (similar)
5. Necklace is from Charming Charlie's- about a year old (really similar)
6. Bangle is Alex and Ani- a few months old (same)
7. Pink headband is Lululemon- bought this week (similar)

Snapshot of day 4 

Today I slept in, made breakfast and then just hung out. Later in the after noon we went to an outlet mall and I bought one t-shirt. I have been buying quite a bit but I could not pass up this t-shirt. The Gap outlet had 50% off the whole store. Plus it was a little bit different then the usually t-shirt. I love the tie and pocket I think its a great addition to a regular t-shrit.      

Its mint and navy striped (color doesn't show that well)  

After doing a little shopping we came back and made dinner. I made these amazing glazed carrots for our dinner for the first time. They tasted so good so here is the recipe (recipe for carrots)! Me and my sister also made chocolate covered strawberries which tasted so good. We finished the day up with a swim in the pool later at night! Right now I am watching the Bachelor with my sis before going to bed for an early start tommrow.

Hope you are having a great day and if not try to find the good in the day even if it can be hard trust me I know.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vacation day 3

So I don't have anything inspiring to really say today so lets just get right into my outfit from today!

Outfit- Vacation day 3 

1. White t-shirt is from Aerie- bought a few weeks ago (same) 
2. Tribal shorts are from Lucky Brand (on Clarence for $3)- about a year old (similar) (similar) 
3. Oatmeal sweater is from Target - about 5 months old (similar-color cream)
4. Sandals are from American Eagle- bought 2 days ago (same)
5. Necklace is from Charming Charlie's- about a year old
6. Handbag is from Francesca's collection- about a few months old (same) (similar)
7. Sunglasses are Ray ban- a few months old (same)
8. Earrings are from Target- a few months old (same)
9. Bangle is from Alex and Ani- a few months old (same)

Snapshot of day 3

We started the day by going out for breakfast and eating way to much.

Then we stopped at the beach for a few minutes and then headed out shopping! Here is what I bought...

Peral earrings from Charming Charlie's  
Necklace from Charming Charlie's 

Earrings came with the necklace as a set

Necklace from Charming Charlie's 
Necklace from Charming Charlie's 

Coral ombre scarf from Charming Charlie's  
Long necklace with pearls from Charming Charlie's 

Shirt is from Old Navy on sale 

Dress is from a surf shop and the brand is Billabong 
I LOVE Charming Charlie's for statement necklace's because they are so cute but really affordable and I just love the store.  Last year was my first year in one of there stores and I fell in love!

After shopping we came back had dinner and went for a swim in the pool even though it was pretty chilly out. We are now just hanging out and watching the movie The magic of Belle Isle!

See you back tomorrow!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vacation day 2

Every time I go on vacation it makes me want to live some where warm. Me and my sister have always had this dream of living together in South Carolina some day. When ever I go some where warm I always get this urge to want to move right away! Considering we are both still in school it will not happen right away though I really hope one day we will be able to move some where warm. To me there is something with the warm weather that makes life so much more enjoyable. We have always wanted to live in South Carolina because the winters are not too cold and the summers are not to hot for us! To me if seems like a perfect place. Not to mention my family goes there every year and when we go it just feels like home to me. I know that sounds weard but its true! Who knows were life may take me but it is defently a dream I have. I encourage you to take the plunge and live where it makes you the most happy. I mean if there is nothing stoping you why not? It might be challenging  to move some where you have never lived I get  it but it could be worth it. There is this quote that says "If your dreams don't scare you, then they aren't big enough". So what ever your dreams might be that you are nervous about I say just do them, what do you have to lose.

Outfit- Vacation day 2 

1. Tank top is from Target- Bought last summer (similar-color coral tropics)
2. Jean shorts are from Target- Bought last summer (similar)
3. Oatmeal sweater is from Target- About 5 months old (similar- color cream)
4. Scarf is from American Eagle- Bought about 2 months ago (same)
5. Sandals are from American Eagle- Bought yesterday (same)
6.  Handbag is from Francecas collection (same) (similar)
7. Sunglasses are Ray Ban (same)
8. Starfish bracelet is from a shop in Savannah (similar), Beaded bracelets are Lily and Laura (same)
9. Stud earrings are from Target (same)

Haha are we seeming a pattern with Target and American Eagle, they are seriously my two favorite stores!

Snapshot of day 2 

We started the day at the botanical gardens which was very pretty.

Then we went to some shops near the beach to look around and headed back home. I worked on some blogs stuff and a future video with my sister in the SUN which was a really nice change.  We stayed in for diner and then went grocery shopping after dinner. We finished the day up with a piece of key lime pie yum :)  

I am courently watching Breakfast at Tiffanys which I have never seen. My grandparents have Amazon prime with free movies. So me and my sister have been enjoying watching a movie at the end of the day.  Hope you are having a amazing day and remember to smile :) 

PS: Tomorrow I think we are having a major shopping day at Charming Charlie's so come back tomorrow to see what I get!