Monday, February 17, 2014

Vacation day 4

Today was a really chill day just hanging out and going to the pool! So my outfit was not that fancy but here it is...

Vacation day 3 outfit 

1. Coral workout tanktop is from American Eagle but I got it at Marshall's- bought a few weeks ago (same)

2. White shorts are from Target- about a year old (similar)
3. White shoes are Converse- about a year old (same)
4.  Handbag is from Francesca's collection- a few months (same) (similar)
5. Necklace is from Charming Charlie's- about a year old (really similar)
6. Bangle is Alex and Ani- a few months old (same)
7. Pink headband is Lululemon- bought this week (similar)

Snapshot of day 4 

Today I slept in, made breakfast and then just hung out. Later in the after noon we went to an outlet mall and I bought one t-shirt. I have been buying quite a bit but I could not pass up this t-shirt. The Gap outlet had 50% off the whole store. Plus it was a little bit different then the usually t-shirt. I love the tie and pocket I think its a great addition to a regular t-shrit.      

Its mint and navy striped (color doesn't show that well)  

After doing a little shopping we came back and made dinner. I made these amazing glazed carrots for our dinner for the first time. They tasted so good so here is the recipe (recipe for carrots)! Me and my sister also made chocolate covered strawberries which tasted so good. We finished the day up with a swim in the pool later at night! Right now I am watching the Bachelor with my sis before going to bed for an early start tommrow.

Hope you are having a great day and if not try to find the good in the day even if it can be hard trust me I know.

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