Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Basics: White Jeans & T-shirt

I wore this super basic outfit to school yesterday. Nothing beats a cute t-shirt and jeans. I love the summery feel this look gives off with the seafoam green and white jeans. I have gotten SO much ware out of these jeans and I plan to wear them into the fall. I definitely do not follow the no white after Labor Day rule. The t-shirt and jeans combo is so simple yet there is just so many different ways to style it which makes it fun :) How do you style jeans and a t-shirt? 

T-shirt: Aerie (similar) (similar) / Jeans: Gap (similar) (similar) / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Necklace: My Name Necklace / Earrings: Target / Watch: NY and Co / Cross Bracelet: LC for Kohl's (similar) / Bangle: Gap (similar)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Whales OOTD

This is what I wore yesterday while it's pretty basic these whale shoes make the look in by book ;) This weather in New York has been amazingly warm lately so I jumped on the chance to wear a skirt to church and dinner. I painted the whales on the shoes myself after not being able to buy the original C. Wonder ones anywhere. It was a fun project for an afternoon in the summer. I have not gotten much wear out of them but after looking at these pictures I am definitely going to wear them more. They are just to cute not to!!! Do you have any fun/special shoes? 

Skirt: Target (similar) (similar) / T-shirt: Tommy Hilfiger / Shoes: Sears, paint from Hobby Lobby and traced this pattern / Earrings: Charming Charlie's / Necklace: My Name Necklace / Bracelet: made with my tutorial / Cross Bracelet: Kohl's (similar)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Fest OOTD

In yesterday's weekend recap post I mentioned on Friday that I went to a local fall fest. It was still pretty warm out but I still wanted to look fallish so I went with a scarf and t-shirt. I love the colors in this scarf as I feel they are very fall appropriate. The night was fun with lots of fall activity to be had. Fall weather is so nice for doing things like apple picking, hayrides, corn mazes and going to pumpkin patches. What is your favorite part about the fall?

Fall inspiration minus the alcohol ;) 

T-shirt: Target / Jeans: Loft / Scarf: Kohl's (similar) (similar) / Necklace: My Name Necklace / Earrings: Charming Charlie's / Bracelet: Moon and Lola  /  Shoes: Flats

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weekend Recap & More Wish List Items

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. We have had some great weather and so far I have had a really nice weekend so I thought I would do a weekend recap. I know there is still Sunday but not to much is happening tomorrow. My cold has put me into a non fashion mood the past couple of days so I have no outfits lately however I should be back to my OOTD tomorrow if you don't love these style posts. Also I was not planing on doing this weekend recap post other wise I would have taken WAY more pictures! What is your perfect weekend?!

Friday Night: 

* Got my favorite Starbucks tea: black berry mojito tea lemonade

* Went to a local fall fest, walked around and ate a homemade caramel dipped apple (#amazing). I had never tried a real candy dipped apple so I was super excited.

Witch hat cookie 


* Slept it for the 1st time in a while

* Went out to dinner with my family for wood oven pizza (#sogood). We also went for frozen yogurt and I got apple pie flavor. 

* Went grocery shopping and bought a Life Factory water bottle. I have had my eye on these for a while now and I decided to try one and so far I love it!

Life Factory bottle

* Going to church

* Having dinner at a family friends house

* Doing homework which is the worst part about the weekends :(  

More Wish list Items: 

So I have been doing a little to much online browsing with being sick so I have a few more items to add to my fall wish list!!!

1. Boots / 2. Loafers / 3. T-shirt / 4. T-shirt / 5. Belt / 6. Sneakers  / 7. Striped oxford

See y'all tomorrow for an OOTD

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Red Nose, Cold & Dress

Well I guest it my cold is in full swing now. I still have a swore throat but now my nose also feels like it's going to fall off. So please excuse my red and puff nose in these pictures :) I am glad it's almost Friday because this weekend I am going to a fall fest outside and going to friends house for dinner. The weekends are so much more fun when you have things to look forward to now I just need to feel better. 

Yesterday (I think) I mentioned that right now Forever 21 has free shipping on everything so I bought two things. I ways only planning on buying this scarf but then I found this sweater and could not pass it up :) Did you guys get anything yet? 

You can buy my whole outfit online ;)

Dress: Peter Som For Kohl's- REALLY on sale right now / Sweater: Target / Flats: Payless / Pearl necklace: J-Crew Factory - It's back in stock!!! / Monogram necklace: My Name Necklace / Earrings: Charming Charlie's 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Me In An Outfit

I hate to say it but I think I am coming down with a cold :( I have a terrible soar throat and for me that always leads to a cold!!! My sister had a cold last week so I am blaming hear. I think I am going to relax tonight, watch TV and online shop Forever 21. They have FREE SHIPPING right now with no minimum purchase (code: FREESHIP). They have good prices and some of there clothes are really cute. However a lot of the stuff is not my style and the Forever 21 near me is so disorganized that I try to avoid it at all cost so this free shipping deal is exciting. I will let you know if I get anything :)

Today's outfit is literally me in a look and I am wearing everything I love. If I were to pick one outfit to describe my style this would be it. I love stripes, monogram necklaces, boat shoes, vests and boyfriend jeans which is basically this whole look. I love looking classy but also comfy sometimes and this outfit does that.

Top: Ralph Lauren from Marshall's (similar) (similar) / Jeans: Express- old style (similar) (similar) / Vest: Hollister- on sale / Necklace: My Name Necklace / Earrings: Charming Charlie's / Hat: Southern Marsh / Bag: Nine West from Marshall's (similar) (similar) / Shoes: Sperry's

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chambray Shirt, Pink Vest & Statement Necklace OOTD

Happy Tuesday to everyone as we are one day closer to Wednesday. My week so far as been pretty uneventful other then I need to catch up on my sleep (#tired). Also the warmer weather we have been having is a nice change. I am excited for all of my favorite TV shows to start tomorrow (The Middle, Modern Family, Scandal and my favorite Nashville to name a few). I do not watch a crazy amount of TV and we only get the basic channels, but I do love chilling during the week and watching a nice TV show :) 

Today's outfit I was REALLY excited about to wear. I came up this this outfit combo the other day when reading Southern Curls and Pearls fashion blog. However once I put the outfit on that I thought I was going to love it was just ok. Sometimes outfit combos in my head turn out way better then I expected and other times it's the other way around. The reason I am not loving this outfit is because of two things: the top is to short to wear with leggings and the boots I am not loving. I had a black pair of riding boots but they were falling apart so I borrowed my mom's but I don't love them. I guess I should now be on the look for a pretty reasonable pair of black riding boots. Any suggestions? Anyway I thought I would share with you the outfit because I still like the idea of the pieces together.  

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger / Leggings: June & Daisy / Boots: Aerosoles (similar) / Necklace: Target (similar) (similar) / Vest: Izod- check eBay for similar vests  (similar) / Headband: Charming Charlie's (similar)