Thursday, March 26, 2020

Favorite Loungewear Set

I hope everyone is hanging in there and finding some fun things to do at home! I thought this would be the perfect time to share this casual loungewear set with you. I got it after Christmas at Loft from the Lou & Grey line as I typically work from home a few days a week (even before coronavirus). I found myself needing more loungewear to wear around the house. This set is so comfortable I think everyone needs this! It is just so cozy. The top and bottom are sold separately so you can mix and match colors. If I was wearing this out and about I would pair it with a cute pair of white sneakers. 

I hope you enjoy the throwback mirror style pics because I don't have a tripod for my camera and I am not leaving my apartment much these days to take any pictures. 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Five Fitness Classes To Do Inside

I will be the first to admit I hate working out inside. Before I joined a gym in high school I would try to do workout videos at home but I never felt as motivated as when I took a class and physically went to the gym. Not only am I more motivated to go when I am paying for the membership but I love working out in a class setting with others. With that said right now, that is not an option. So today I wanted to share five ideas for videos/classes you can do from home! A lot of these companies are offering subscription codes were you get a few months free. 

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Fifteen Things To Do Inside & Ways To Stay Positive

Hey everyone while things have been crazy for everyone and changes are happening all the time one thing I am excited about is having more time to blog and spend on improving my website! I always feel like I have too much other stuff going on that it is hard to get into a blogging routine. So I am taking this time while stuck inside to start back into blogging. While things have been so strange not interacting with anyone in person as I am working from home and live by myself I have been enjoying keeping up with other bloggers on social media. Things can definitely get pretty boarding so I wanted to share things that I am going to be doing over the next few weeks to stay productive and remain positive! A lot of people have been posting similar ideas but I wanted to share my ideas and give my input because you can never have too many ideas. I would also love to know what fun things you have been up to. 

Thought we could all use a beach photo just about now 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I missed y'all but the last few weeks have been busy with work and some fun weekend plans. Valentine's Day is this week so today I wanted to share some gift ideas to treat yourself or even for a friend! i tried to include some unique ideas including a candle making class my sister and I took after the holidays. It was so much fun I think it would be a great activity to do with someone. 

Monday, January 27, 2020

Valentine's Day Pajamas

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and to me nothing makes a more perfect gift for someone else or yourself than a cute pair of pajamas. Last year I got a set of Vineyard Vines ones and I love them. I found lots of cute options at all different prices so I rounded up my favorites below! 

Row 1: One // Two // Three // Four 
Row 2: One // Two // Three // Four // Five 
Row 3: One // Two // Three // Four // Five

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Goals For 2020

I have to admit I am a sucker for feeling recharged in the New Year and making goals for the new year. I know a lot of people hate resolutions especially in today's world where everyone is always talking about things that are most likely not realistic. I like creating resolutions because I find it is a way to check in with myself and think about what things I want to focus on in the new year. Even if I don't accomplish everything it gives me more direction on what I want to make important for the year. This year I am going to try to be more specific with my goals and less general. I am hoping this will make things more realistic as to how I will accomplish them. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Currently Cooking This Week

I don't know about you but the holidays hit me hard this year with lots of sweet treats, meals out, and over eating. So I am trying to focus on eating less sugar and more clean food for right now. My goal is to try to stick to a Whole 30 breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am not going to be super stick if I am going out to eat or have an occasional treat. After shopping this weekend I had no idea how hard it is to fully follow this meal plan. There are so many foods that have sugar I never even thought of like pasta sauce. I thought I would share the receipts I made for this week. I got most of them from the Whole Kitchen Sink website which has some amazing content on Whole 30. 

Breakfast: Sausage Tomato Egg Bake 
This is my least favorite recipe I made this week as it is pretty bland. I didn't add the basil but I included everything else. I used turkey sausage in the recipe but I think if I made this recipe again I would maybe use prosciutto or something smaller. Finally the shredded potato was not fully Whole 30 because it had some corn in it. 
Rating: 3 / 5

This Whole30 breakfast casserole is filled with sausage, tomato, basil and potatoes, and couldn't be easier to whip up for a Whole30 or Paleo breakfast meal prep recipe. With only a few simple ingredients and a bit of oven baking magic, you'll have a family friendly, gluten-free, and Whole30 egg bake, or be set for the week ahead! #whole30eggbake #whole30breakfastrecipes #whole30breakfastcasserole #paleobreakfast #glutenfreebreakfast #whole30sausagerecipes  

Sunday, January 12, 2020

2019 Recap & Updates

Hi, y'all it has been SO LONG since I have been on here but I am super excited to be back. I feel like so much has happened since I last posted a blog post. I had lots of good changes in 2019 but the blog just wasn't fitting into my daily schedule. I ended up getting a job a few months after graduation and moved to Dallas, TX! I am settled into this new chapter and am loving it. I have been missing sharing my tips, life, fashion and everything else here. I am excited and re energized to be back here with everyone. I thought the best way to catch you up with what I have been up to is by sharing my top moments of 2019!

1. Visited Niagara on The Lake