Monday, November 16, 2020

September & October Favorites

I am finally getting around to sharing my favorites from the past two months. I really didn't have much to share at the end of September so I combined it with my October favorites. Work has been so busy lately I just have not had the time to get posts up at the end of the night. As usual I have a random mix of items but they are all some great products. 

Budget Planner // This is not for everyone but if you love a paper planner than you might also love a paper budget tracker. I tried all sorts of fancy apps but nothing was exactly what I wanted and I was not motivated to keep up with it. I got this mini tracker and it has been a great way to keep track of my spending. 

Wahoo Cadence Tracker // I hit a wall with working out in September because I have not been to a work out class at the gym in forever. I thought about getting a cycling bike but instead decided to just use the one in my apartment and use this cadence tracker that attaches to your shoe. This is because the bike does not a monitor on it. So I use the Peloton app and this bluetooth cadence tracker shows the information in the corner while cycling. It is the perfect inexpensive way to make the bike more like a Peleton. 

Peanut Butter Chex // I have been on a major cereal kick lately and this has been hitting the spot. It is gluten free and tastes so good. 

Sweet Loren's Chocolate Chip Cookies // This gluten free cookie dough is really good and super easy to make a fresh baked cookie with no mess!

Old Navy Joggers // I shared these in a recent haul blog post but I had to include them in this post because they are the best. They are so comfortable and they best part is they are affordable but they look way more expensive. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Cream // My sister got me into this hand cream and it is amazing. It is not greasy at all bit it is still super moisturizing. 

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