Friday, January 29, 2021

Weekend In San Antonio, TX | Travel Guide

Happy Friday! It has felt like a pretty slow week and I am ready for the weekend. After the holidays I drove back from NY to Dallas with my sister and mom. They stayed for about two weeks and we got to do some fun things in Texas while they were here. My sister's birthday also happened to be when they were here. Back in October, I had the idea to take my sister to San Antonio for a fun weekend getaway. At the time I booked the Airbnb I didn't know what Covid would be like but it was a great city to visit because we were pretty much able to do everything outside. 

It definitely had a different "vibe" then Dallas but we all enjoyed the weekend and had a lot of fun. I wanted to share what we did for the weekend in case you are looking for suggestions. I must admit though most of these suggestions came from one my friends and she did not steer us wrong.  


From Dallas to San Antonio it is about a four-hour drive. We left after the workday on Friday and got in around 11ish. We were glad we didn't leave in the early afternoon because we were able to avoid pretty much all the traffic going into Austin. 


We started our day eating breakfast at Supper inside Hotel Emma. This was one of the places that was recommended to me and let me tell you it did not disappoint. We did make reservations which was probably a good idea because it was fairly busy. We ate outside which overlooks the river. It was very cold that weekend but they provided us with blankets and there were heaters outside so it was not too bad. I had this really good omelette and herbal tea. We also tried the million-dollar bacon they are known for which was very good. My mom and sister got the beignets which they said were awesome but I couldn't have them so I guess I will have to take their word. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Valentine's Day Inspiration/Gift Ideas 2021

Valentine's Day is already in like two weeks (crazy)! I have been seeing lots of bright pinks and hearts everywhere so I thought it would be fun to but together a festive inspiration board. I am not necessarily making a specific gift guide per se but a lot of these items would make super cute gifts for yourself or others. I always love a good treat myself moment around the holiday. 


Monday, January 25, 2021

My 2020 Review & Looking Ahead

Well, my extended holiday celebration is over and my apartment is back to just me. My sister and mom drove back to Texas with me after Christmas. We spent the last few weeks doing some fun weekend trips and checking out some Dallas spots. I loved having them here and waited to get a blog post up when I had a bit more free time. 

I usually post a year-end recap highlighting all the things I did the past year and then share my goals for the new year. Obviously, this year looked very different and I was not sure if I wanted to share an end of the year post. I realize we are already a few weeks into the new year but I still wanted to get this up. If not for you but more for me to have this to look back on in the future. 

2020.... I hesitated making a post about my year because all in all, it was a good year for me compared to most peoples. I had my job, was able to work from home, had Cooper to entertain me and I was able to at least get outside on walks and leave my appointment. Obviously, like everyone else, I did have my moments of crazy but I think we all did at some point. This year was not one of my worst years I would say it just felt very mundane. I kind of felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again because well I was. Sometimes it is hard for me to even really understand what others went through because I was pretty removed from all of it compared to doctors, teachers, etc. Like many others, I am grateful I got to connect with my family more and spendt the extended holidays back home. I got into some new crafts, had more time to blog, binged watched many shows, and got into watching TikTok 😂 I definitely missed traveling and weekend plans but I really did make the best of a crazy year. While I don't think I had any crazy life realizations like others may have had this year I did see how God prepared me for the year ahead without me fully understanding at the time. I started the year reading this book by Emily Ley. In the book she talks all slowing down, finding rest/hobbies, and being ok not being busy 24/7. Haha was that the perfect book to read at the start of the year. I also came to realize how my health struggles the past few years prepared me for this year. Everyone was talking about how our lives changed overnight. I read some article a while back that said in a way we experienced grief for what things were life pre-Covid. I experienced that exact feeling when I began my health journey. Pretty much overnight I no longer was the same and had to adjust to this "new" life. Let me tell you it was NOT easy. I felt all the things for quite some time. In a way, I was prepared for Covid so I can only imagine how hard some struggled if I think back to when I was deep into the height of my illness. So for 2021, I am not sure what to expect but I am hopeful for the new year! I thought about setting some resolutions but instead, I am going to take the pressure off of that and see what things I decide I want to focus on. I will say my goals for 2020 are still things I want to focus on this year or at least in some way. 

There were some pretty great times in the year that I wanted to look back on: 

Took a candle making class in Dallas when my sister was in town

Monday, January 4, 2021

What I Got For Christmas 2020

Happy New Year! I got back to Dallas last week and had a very chill New Year's at home with snacks and champagne. I have been getting back into the work routine and making some new resolutions for the new year. I will be sharing all that soon but in the meantime, I wanted to share what I got for Christmas this year. I used to film this video every year a few years ago but have not in the last few years. I thought it would be fun to share what I got for my apartment and a few clothing items. I was able to link mostly everything below. I would love to know what your favorite gift was this year! 

Loft Dress // Old Navy Joggers // Target Pajama Shorts // Target Pajama Top (sold out) // Spartina Texas Sweatshirt // Vineyard Vines Sherpa // Veja Sneakers // Acrylic Tissue Holder // Citrus Juicer // Bar Straws //  Jigger // Bottle Opener // Spoon // Strainer // Metal Bowls // Our Place Pan // Ceramic Utensil Jar // Texas Decor Pillow // Pura Smart Fragrance // Throw Blanket (similar) // Car Vacuum // Spark Watterbottle // Acrylic Bracelet Holder // Toothpaste // Steripods // Toothbrush Heads // Too Faced Mascara // Laneige Lip Balm // Tula Eye Brightener // Foot Scrub // Gold Bond Foot Cream // Hair Scrunchies // Casetify AirPods Case // Wine Opener //  Bottle Opener // Sponge holder //Bath & Body Works Car Freshener