Monday, April 19, 2021

Recent Skincare Tool Favorites & Dupes

In the last few months, I have discovered two amazing skincare tools that are pretty affordable! I bought a Clarisonic way back in the day when they were super popular on Youtube. While I did enjoy using it I hated spending the money on the brush heads. I always kept them probably way longer than I should have. Over the holidays I had gone to Ulta thinking I was going to buy a new brush head. Come to find out the company is now out of business and you can't buy the brush heads anymore. I stumbled upon this Flawless one which looked a lot like the Foreo but way cheaper. I have been using this since Christmas time and really don't have anything bad to say about it. The charge lasts a really long time, it has multiple settings/speeds, it is small enough to travel with, and it has a handle. Plus it is all silicon so you don't have to worry about the brush head getting dirty like the Clarisonic. I think I have charged it once since I got it months ago. While I don't use it every day on my skin it is gentle enough you definitely could. 

The second tool I discovered more recently within the last month. It is this skin scraper that uses vibration to extract the gunk from your pores. I first saw the expensive Dermapore version on a few Instagram stories. Though I was definitely not wanting to spend $100 on a skincare tool that is only used about once a week. I ended up finding this dupe on Amazon that has tons of reviews. It seems to work great and it can be recharged. I have been using it around my nose because I hate how big my pores are. For how often you use it I think the Amazon version works just as well. Let me know if you have tried either of these before and what you think! 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Weekend in Newport, Rhode Island | Travel Guide

For Easter weekend I flew to Newport, RH and my family drove up and we spent the weekend exploring the town. We all really loved it I would love to go back in the summer when it is a bit warmer. The weather was sunny but definitely chilly. Between Covid and it being off-season not everything was open but we still got to see a lot of the town. The only thing we would have done differently is to make sure we made more dinner reservations earlier in the week because things booked up really quickly that weekend. 


Monday, April 12, 2021

The Perfect Spring Dress

I am so behind on blog posts! I have a whole list in my planner of post ideas but lately I have been so busy after work. Last week after I got back from a weekend away things were kind of crazy with some work emergencies and taking Cooper to the vet for his annual appointment. I will be sharing a travel guide for Newport tomorrow. In the meantime I wanted to share what I wore on Easter. Yes I know it is a few weeks late but this dress so cute. It is not available online from Target anymore but I did a quick search and there seems to be lots for sale on Poshmark. 

I got this dress last year after Lonestar Southern had posted about it. The quality of it is amazing and it looks so cute on. It was from last summers Lisa Maria Fernandez clothing line at Target. I had never heard of her brand before then. I got another dress too which I shared a picture of last year

I wore these wedges for my college graduation and I forgot how much I love them. They were a total splurge for me considering I can't wear them very often but they are so cute and actually pretty comfortable considering how high they are. 

Dress: Lisa Maria Fernandez Ric Rac Dress // Shoes: Marc Fisher // Jacket: // Necklace: Kendra Scott  // Earrings: Kendar Scott