Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Life Lately

Hi y'all I feel like it has been forever since I have just sat down and updated you on what I have been up to. I thought today I would share some recent random photos some of which I have already posted on my Instagram. 

My sister flew in at the end of June and her plans changed about three or four different times. Her original trip was going to be a short weekend trip. Then she extended it to the 4th of July. Then when NY came out with additional travel restrictions she decided to stay for the month and fly back after our beach vacation next week. It has been so nice having company after doing nothing for two months. We aren't doing much but eating lots and spending time outside but it has been so nice. It is just so weird not to be able to plan any trips or outings. I had so many fun things planned for the year so it sucks that now I pretty much have nothing going on. The hardest part for me is that I am still relatively new to Dallas and have so much I wanted to explore in Texas and new people to meet! We were planning on going on a weekend road trip for the 4th of July but ended up canceling due to some things that came up. Next week we are taking a trip to the beach which will be my first time away from my apartment since March. I am so ready to get out of town for the week but am obviously a bit nervous. We have no plans other than just sitting at the beach which sounds amazing! 

I am still working from home but I have to say I kind of miss the office and having a routine during the week. I especially miss workout classes and just my daily work schedule. I did try out the gym for one day but decided to continue to put my membership on freeze as TX is not doing great with cases. August is going to be another pretty uneventful month but I am hoping to maybe do a day trip or two with one of my close friends. 

I hope y'all are hanging in there through all of this. It is such a weird year of events I don't know what to even think about everything. 

Target Dress 
A few weeks ago we tried a new restaurant for dinner Bellagreen. The salad I got was so good! It felt great to be able to get dressed up and sit outside. I am loving this dress I picked up at Target. 

Spotted this pretty mural after grabbing a breakfast smoothie! I love the color it has in it. 

We have been enjoying lots of picnic meals including this one from Bird Bakery. Don't worry I had a salad before diving into this red velvet cupcake. 

Tomorrow I am going to do an in depth post of the beaches/lakes we have recently visited. It has been a nice change instead of going to the pool. All the lakes have not been overly crowded and the weather has been extra hot so it feels very refreshing. 

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays but I was really not looking forward to another holiday that was going to be completely different. However it ended up being pretty fun! We ordered BBQ take out from Pecan Lodge, went to the pool and even found some fireworks to watch from the car. 

Another picnic dinner at the Dallas Arboretum which was so yummy. We brought pizza and salad to have from Cane Rosso

  Bikini Top: Target  
Lots of pool days!

Torrie tried Shake Shack for the first time after a day at the beach. We both enjoyed the burger and the nice outside seating. At this point that's what it's all about lol! 

Chick-Fil-A Bandana 
Cooper has been keeping me very busy and providing lots of entertainment. He got sick on something last Friday and that was an adventure of a day!

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