Thursday, July 2, 2020

June Favorites

 Happy July! Today I am sharing with you all my favorites from the past month. It is a random mix of things but I think they are all pretty useful. 

Healthmate Forever TENS Unit // My doctor recommended this to me to help with my shoulder and neck pain I often have. I have used a similar system to this at the PT and Chiropractor but those are more high tech. I was not expecting this to be so powerful but it works so good for the price. I have used it on my shoulders a few times and it has really helped. If have any pain or muscle soreness I highly recommend this. 

Patagonia Mini Hip Pack // I ordered this a little over a week ago and have already used it a bunch of times. I got so sick of not having any place to put my phone or keys when on a walk or taking my dog out. My main form of exercise these days is walks so I am glad I finally decided to get this. It's the perfect size and looks a bit more fashionable. 

Scout Face Mask // I only had one face mask so when I saw that Scout had masks I decided to order a few. I have been a long time lover of Scout and their bags. These face masks are such high quality the fabric is super thick, they have a pocket for a filter, and wire to help keep the share around the nose area. I would definitely recommend these masks if you are in need of one!

Starbucks Color Changing Cups // I am obsessed with these cups. My mom actually found them at a Starbucks store near her and my sister brought them with her when she came. They are super hard to find but I am so glad I was able to get a set. They are the perfect cup for my afternoon green tea or chai. 

Meli's Monster Cookie Mix // This cookie mix caught my eye when I was at Target and I couldn't pass it up. The mix is gluten free and you just have to add a few simple ingredients to make them. They taste AMAZING. 

Trader Joes Peonies // I got peonies twice in the past month and seriously love them so much. They smell so good and they actually last quite a long time. The season for them is very short so I am happy I was able to find them at Trader Joe's. 

Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops // I feel like I have been seeing these on the internet quite a bit recently and remembered I had a small sample bottle of these tanning drops from a Sephora Play box that I had yet to use. I mixed about 4 drops in with my regular body lotion and applied it to my arms and legs. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to do. It does not have a supper strong sent and I didn't notice any color transfer. The color is not as dark as a traditional self tanner but for everyday use I think they work great. They are easy to use in the morning. 

Tru Fru Chocolate Cherries // I saw these frozen chocolate cherries on someones Instagram stories and spotted them at Target. These make the perfect after dinner treat to cut my sweet tooth. I think having them frozen makes them extra refreshing. 

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