Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Weekly Wellness: What Supplements I Take Daily

Finally getting this posted after working on this for way too long. The Real Housewives of Orange Country got in the way of my productivity. I started binging the last few seasons with my sister!

I have not done a wellness-related post in what feels like forever so today I thought I would share the supplements I take on a daily basis. I started taking these supplements about three years ago when I went to see a nutritionist at the height of my health problems. I did a blog post a while ago talking all about my thoughts about my Nutritionist experience. While I am still not sure to what extent they are worth the money she did provide me with some great supplement suggestions that I think made a big difference. These supplements are quite pricy so I am going to narrow down the list to also share which I think provides the most benefit. 

Before we dive into the post I want to make it clear I am in no way a doctor. I just wanted to share what supplements I take and has been recommended to me. Definitely talk to your doctor if you have questions! 


1. Magnesium // This I actually started taking after a recommendation from my neurologist. It is supposed to help with migraine headaches. This supplement is pretty inexpensive and I think it does help with headaches but only to a certain extent. It is not going to completely get rid of migraines but I think it does make a difference. 

2. Feverfew // This is another supplement I take for headaches. I don't get them as bad now but I use to get the worst headaches from being in the sun. I was told that is another supplement that is supposed to help with headaches. I now get botox injections for migraines because nothing else helps. So it is hard to say exactly how much these supplements help but neither are too expensive so I figure it can't hurt. 

3. B-12 // This can help with energy and fatigue which I need all the help I can get with this. These tablets dissolve in your mouth for quick absorption and have a good taste. 

4. Turmeric With Black Pepper // Turmeric is supposed to help with inflammation and I look for a supplement that has black pepper in it as well as this is supposed to help absorb the turmeric more efficiently. 

5. Probiotic // This is by far one of the most beneficial supplements I take. I have been taking probiotics even before I went to see my nutritionist. They help support a healthy gut and I think everyone could benefit from taking them. The price of probiotics varies depending on how many billion CFU cultures are in the supplement. Some are shelf-stable and some must be refrigerated to work properly. Even when I buy probiotics that are shelf-stable I still keep them in the refrigerator. One thing that is important to note is that you should change the brand and type of probiotic you take every couple of months. Each probiotic supplement has different strands and your body can get used to it. When my stomach was pretty bad I use to take this one from Metagenics. A lot of grocery stores sell plenty of options as well. 

6. L Glutamine Powder // This is one my nutritionist recommended and has hands down changed the game in the way my stomach feels. I had never heard of this before but it is an amino acid. My nutritionist explained that it is the "food" of the cells in the small intestine. They are always working to repair and keep a healthy gut lining. L-Glutamine can help speed up the healing process and strength the gut to prevent leaky gut. The key to making this supplement work is the amount you should be taking. I take 5,000mg each morning. Most pills do not come near the right amount or you would have to take like 10 pills a day. The powder doesn't take bad but I mix it with orange juice in the morning. This website has a lot more info on this supplement. 

7. D-3 // I probably don't need it as much now that I live in Texas but living in Buffalo there isn't much sun for a lot of the year so this is something I have been taking for quite a while now. 


1. Fish Oil // This is an all-around good one that everyone can benefit from. It is popular with older people as well to help with heart health and blood pressure. Like a lot of other supplements, you can get fish oil that is not good quality. This is the one my nutritionist recommended. 

2. Multivitamin // This multivitamin my nutritionist recommended to me and I think it is a great one because it has a little bit of everything and is a good quality version. 

3. Quercetin // This is another supplement I had never heard of but my nutritionist recommended. This is supposed to help with allergies, inflammation, fatigue and circulation. 

Top 5 Most Beneficial For Me: 

1. Multivitamin 

2. L Glutamine Powder 

3. Probiotic

4. Magnesium

5. Quercetin

Man, that was one long post! Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you found this helpful. 

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