Saturday, February 27, 2021

Spring Target Haul

I think it was two weeks ago now Target was having 20% off their clothes which they usually don't do. I go in spurts with their clothes but lately, I have been loving what I see. Their loungewear is amazing! I do find that the stores are normally pretty picked over and they had the dressing closed with Covid. Not sure if they are open now. I have a Red Card which I highly recommend if you shop at Target a lot. So I get free shipping so it was easy just to order everything online. I had zero clue if any of this stuff was going to look good but most of it was actually really cute. I also filmed a video over on Instagram if you want a better look at any of these items! 

Target Universal Threads Embroidered Top // I think this is my favorite top out of all of them. I love the eyelet detailing and the ruffle. I was not sure if the ruffle was going to be too much but I am loving this all around. It also comes in black and a blue floral. 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Spring Inspiration

This week the weather has been the perfect spring temperature and the sun has been shinning. A complete 360 from last weeks winter storm. It seems maybe a bit early to be jumping into spring but it is a nice change from all the cold weather. I wanted to share a few spring pieces I have seen from some of my favorite brands. How cure are these gingham sandals

J Crew Chaco Sandals // Lilly Pulitzer Geanna Swing Dress // Target Sweatpants  // Target Swing Dress // Vineyard Vines Chambray Dress // Kelly Wynne Beach Tote // J Crew Factory Sweater // Spartina Crossbody // Lilly Pulitzer Olivet Midi Dress // J Crew Staycation T-Shirt // Aerie Bikini Top 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Weekly Wellness: Health Update 2021

Wow this past week ended up turning into a crazy and some what stressful week. Sunday it started snowing here in Dallas which lead to millions waking up Monday without power and many without water. It was a crazy storm I was not expecting to get that bad especially growing up in the north but the city is not equipped for a few inches of snow. I luckily didn't lose power or have any damage from the storm but it was still very stressful not knowing. I filmed this health update video last week but I really just didn't have any energy to be posting this past week. I am rested up from the weekend and ready to get back into the swing of things. 

It has been a LONG time since I last posted any type of health content so I thought it was about time for a health update. I have a bunch of other posts you can check out here! I also linked everything I mention in this video down below at the bottom of this post. 

Monday, February 15, 2021

President's Day Sales 2021

It is still crazy cold here in Dallas and for some it is a holiday for President's Day so I thought I would round up some sales that are going on today. Target is having 20% off clothing which they normally don't have and J Crew Factory is having free shipping which is rare. I hate paying for shipping. 

1. J Crew // 30% off most items and 50% off sale items with code SPRING 

2. J Crew Factory // 50% off everything plus free shipping (no code needed). They rarely have free shipping anymore so this is a deal.

3. Loft // 40% off or 60% off with 3 plus styles with code WANT

4. Old Navy // Up to 50% off (no code needed)

5. Target // 20% off clothes and shoes with target circle at checkout

6. Vineyard Vines // Up to 60% off with code BIGSALE 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

My Go To Dinner Receipes (Dairy & Gluten Free) - Part 3

Happy Valentine's Day! I had a day inside relaxing because Dallas got snow today which is crazy. I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the holiday in a special way. I am about to dive into a red velvet cupcake so yep... 

This will be my third installment in this series but I love to continue to share recipes I have tried and loved. Adding my take on how to make them dairy and gluten-free. With the holidays I had a long few months where I did not have to find recipes and cook. So I am sharing some recipes I tried this fall along with some more recent recipes I have tried. I have been loving Half Baked Harvest recipes lately. They all seem to have so much flavor but don't require a lot of crazy ingredients. 

Check out version #one and #two of my posts! 

* Note all images are from the recipe blogs 

1. Vegan Alfredo Pasta // I just made this the other week and it turned out really good. It is naturally dairy-free and does not require too many ingredients. I used to be allergic to cashews but grew out of that nut which is great because a lot of dairy-free items often use cashews. It really is creamy and was easy to make with my Vitamix blender. I paired it with shrimp and broccoli. 

Bowl of creamy vegan garlic alfredo sauce dripping off spoon

Friday, February 5, 2021

January Favorites 2021

I have not shared a favorites post since I think November so these are my favorites combined over the last few months or so. Check out me last one here

1. Tula Brightening Eye Balm // I have heard so many bloggers talking about this Tula product. I had never tried any other Tula products but was a bit skeptical. It seemed like it might be one of those things that are overhyped. Though I am always looking for a product for my dark under eyes. I got it for Christmas and I am in love. I love the cooling effect it gives and it leaves this perfect small amount of shimmer. I am 100% hooked.