Sunday, February 14, 2021

My Go To Dinner Receipes (Dairy & Gluten Free) - Part 3

Happy Valentine's Day! I had a day inside relaxing because Dallas got snow today which is crazy. I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the holiday in a special way. I am about to dive into a red velvet cupcake so yep... 

This will be my third installment in this series but I love to continue to share recipes I have tried and loved. Adding my take on how to make them dairy and gluten-free. With the holidays I had a long few months where I did not have to find recipes and cook. So I am sharing some recipes I tried this fall along with some more recent recipes I have tried. I have been loving Half Baked Harvest recipes lately. They all seem to have so much flavor but don't require a lot of crazy ingredients. 

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* Note all images are from the recipe blogs 

1. Vegan Alfredo Pasta // I just made this the other week and it turned out really good. It is naturally dairy-free and does not require too many ingredients. I used to be allergic to cashews but grew out of that nut which is great because a lot of dairy-free items often use cashews. It really is creamy and was easy to make with my Vitamix blender. I paired it with shrimp and broccoli. 

Bowl of creamy vegan garlic alfredo sauce dripping off spoon

2. Half Baked Harvest Sticky Pomegranate Chicken // I loved this recipe and need to make it again soon. It was pretty easy to do on the cookie sheet and tasted so good. For the acorn squash, I bought the frozen Trader Joe's kind (#lazy). For breadcrumbs, I used Trader Joe's rice crumbs and coconut aminos instead of soy sauce to make it gluten free. I used the Trader Joe's sweet chili sauce and left out the ginger only because I am not a huge ginger lover. 

3. Half Baked Harvest Butternut Squash Pasta // This recipe is very fall-inspired but it was amazing. So filling and the flavor was so good! I bought the butternut squash they have at Trader Joe's already cut up in the bags. For pasta, I used the Trader Joe's gluten-free fettuccine that is in the fridge and this dairy free parm cheese from Whole Foods. Instead of a food processor, I used my Vitamix blender and it worked great. 

overhead photo of Butternut Squash Pasta Carbonara with Rosemary Bacon

4. Sheet Pan Sticky Chicken // I think this is my favorite recipe I am sharing today. I love sheet pan recipes because you don't use so many dishes. I followed this recipe exactly except I used coconut aminos instead of soy sauce and I left out the ginger just because I don't love the flavor. The recipes pairs it with rice and Brussel sprouts which is the perfect combo. 
 overhead photo of Sheet Pan Sticky Ginger Sesame Chicken and Crispy Brussels Sprouts and chopsticks in bowl

5. Mushroom with Rice Noodles // This is my least favorite recipe I am sharing but I still wanted to include it. The main reason I didn't like it is that it did not do as well reheated and I normally make a dinner to last most of the week. The spinach in it just got super soggy and I couldn't eat the spinach after the first night. It also was kind of salty to me but all in it had good flavor. 

overhead photo of 30 Minute Saucy Ginger Sesame Noodles with Caramelized Mushrooms

6. Beef Stew // This is a pretty easy to follow recipe and I made this last week. It was perfect for the cold weather we have been having here in Dallas. I put everything in a big pot and let it simmer on the stove while I worked out so it was pretty easy with little cleanup and had good flavor. 

Overhead shot of Beef Stew in a big white pot

7. Chocolate Banana Muffins // I just made these the other week and they tasted really good for not having white sugar in them and being semi-healthy. They were very moist the only thing was I used paper cupcake liners and they kind of stuck to the paper. I just used gluten-free baking flour instead of whole wheat flour. 

healthy banana muffins with chocolate chips in a baking tray

8. Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins // I made these this fall and they were amazing. I used to love these from Starbucks before going gluten-free. I found this recipe and just used gluten-free flour. They tasted so good. I even used vegan cream cheese and you couldn't tell. I 100% will be making these again. 

Close up of pumpkin cream cheese muffins stacked on top of eachother

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