Saturday, February 27, 2021

Spring Target Haul

I think it was two weeks ago now Target was having 20% off their clothes which they usually don't do. I go in spurts with their clothes but lately, I have been loving what I see. Their loungewear is amazing! I do find that the stores are normally pretty picked over and they had the dressing closed with Covid. Not sure if they are open now. I have a Red Card which I highly recommend if you shop at Target a lot. So I get free shipping so it was easy just to order everything online. I had zero clue if any of this stuff was going to look good but most of it was actually really cute. I also filmed a video over on Instagram if you want a better look at any of these items! 

Target Universal Threads Embroidered Top // I think this is my favorite top out of all of them. I love the eyelet detailing and the ruffle. I was not sure if the ruffle was going to be too much but I am loving this all around. It also comes in black and a blue floral. 

Target Universal Threads Smocked Blouse // I feel like I have been seeing this style blouse quit a bit lately. I love the pattern I am just a little unsure if it is super flattering or that opposite in the chest. I definitely don't have any other blouses this style. 

Target Universal Thread Ballon Sleeve Blouse // I am loving the pattern and sleeve cut on this. This is another top that is pretty different than most of mine. I actually think it is really cute. 

Target Wild Fable Tie-Dye Dress // I was pretty close to not even bothering to order this because I just thought it would really not look cute on me. But I am totally wrong I love the cut of it and it is so comfortable. I am definitely keeping this one! 

Target A New Day Sleeveless Dress // This is my least favorite item I got which is funny because I really thought I would like it. I like the style of the dress but really not liking the color. I think I am going to try it in a different color. They have a few different fun colors like a lavender purple and bright pink. 

Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Universal Thread™ - image 1 of 8

I did also get this t-shirt but it has not come in yet. I am thinking I will like it!

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