Wednesday, March 3, 2021

February Favorites 2021

Simple Mills Brownie Mix // I picked up this brownie mix last week at Whole Foods. I have tried a few of this brands products before but had never tried this. I was pleasantly surprised with how good these tasted! The ingredients are relatively "healthy". I will definitely be making these again soon. The only downside is the mix is on the pricy side but all you need to make them is butter, water, and eggs. 

Gluten Free Oreos // I had to give these a try after seeing lots of people saying they tasted really good. I honestly thought they tasted exactly like regular Oreos. I have tried the Trader Joes GF version and I would say these are definitely better. 

Dash Mini Waffle Maker // My mom and sister convinced me to get this because I didn't have a waffle maker in my apartment but I didn't want one that was going to take up a ton of space. This mini one is only $10 and actually works really well! I made waffles in it the other week and they turned out amazing. I just followed the recipe in the book it came with and it made quite a few. I froze a few and just reheated them later in the week. 

Dior Lip Glow in Ultra Pink // This was kind of my Valentine treat to myself. I had to go to Sephora to pick up more of my face moisturizer. I had never tried one of these before and had seen this color a few years ago but then they discontinued it. Sephora has brought it back as a special limited edition color. I am loving it! It is super moisturizing and the color is perfect. My mom also picked it up and she ended up finding it right on the Dior website with free shipping. 

Honey Pot Sensitive Foaming Feminine Wash // I saw this at Target a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try instead of the Target brand I usually buy. This interested me because it says it is all plant-based. Honestly, the packaging caught my eye. I have been using it and loving it. I love the light foaming texture and it has a nice clean scent. 

Berry Storage Container // I found this at Home Goods the other week coincidentally having looked for one online. I actually found the same one linked on Amazon! I have been wanting to do a few things to make my fridge more organized after watching The Home Edit. Nothing crazy but just a few useful items. I thought having a container to store my berries in would be helpful. I have been washing them and putting them right in this weekly. I find myself eating more berries because I don't have to wash them and deal with all the different containers. 

Peloton Pilates // I have been taking a bunch of these pilates classes this past month after missing the weekly one I was going to before Covid at the gym. These classes are actually pretty similar to the ones I was taking at Equinox. I have mostly been doing the intermediate classes. I did try two advanced classes... man they are definitely advanced! My favorite classes are with Hannah Corbin I love her music playlists!  

Song: Famous Friends // I didn't include this on my IGTV I posted but wanted to include it here. I have been loving this song recently. I have been a fan of Chris Young for some time. I went to one of his concerts in college! 

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