Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tanger Outlet vacation haul

I am on spring brake right now in South Carolina and every year we always go to the Tanger Outlets and do some shopping. So I thought I would share with you what I bought this year because I got some really good deals!!

J-Crew printed chino shorts (similar) 

They were originally $54.50 but they were 40% off. Then I also used a 20% off tanger coupon so the grand total was $26.16! (Coupon) I know that's not the best price for a pair of shorts but for the  quality, print and fit they were worth it. 

Lauren James t-shirt (same)

This item was not on sale because I did not buy it at the outlet so it was expensive ($32) but I couldn't pass it up (love the saying)!



Southern Marsh navy cap (same)

This item I bought at the same store as the t-shirt so this hat was also not on sale ($19). I had wanted a Vineyard Vines navy baseball cap but I ended up liking this one better because of the leather back strap.

Gap hot pink leggings (same)

They were originally $39.99 but then they were 50% off . Then I also used a 20% Tanger coupon so the grand total was $15.99! 

 Hollister t-shirt (similar)

This was originally $20 (I think) but then it was on sale and another 30% off so the grand total was $6.99! 

Hollister striped blouse (similar)

This top was on sale for $15.99 but then it was an extra 30% off. I also used the 20% off Tanger coupon on this blouse so the grand total was $8.96!

All in all I am really happy with all the items I bought and I think they were a really good deal. The 20% off Tanger coupon I showed the stores on my phone really saved me even more money. I would definitely recommend doing that the next time you shop at a Tanger Outlet!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New purse and current favorites

I'm back it feels like its been forever sense I last posted something. I feel like I say this in every post but I am been very busy and posting things on my blog has been on the bottom of my list. Also to be honest I feel like like I have no energy to post anything sometimes. I stated this blog for FUN and I vowed to keep it that way. I wanted to share inspiration and ideas but I never wanted it to be forced. Everything I post I love working on. I never want this blog to feel like a chore or something I have to do, I want it to be something I genuinely want to do. So these last few weeks I have not felt like post anything but all of the sudden again I got this urge to post something! So I thought I would share with you some of my current favorites and a new purse I just got!

 New purse 
I am REALLY picky when it comes to picking out a new purse. I want something that is just the right size, not to expensive but looks like I spent a lot of money on it :) and the list goes on. So I knew I wanted a new cross body style bag for the summer and I had put this one on my spring want list. Though I thought it was a bit pricey so I search the web and found one! 

Same bag

The purse is from Aldo and I have never gotten anything from there before but I am impressed. The bag is the perfect size and it looks really expensive but it was only $36 total with shipping and tax. I bought it when the store had 20% off last week plus if you sign up with your email you get another 10% off!! I can tell the bag is really well made and I have no complaints. 

I also thought I would show you the dress I bought last week at Old Navy because
they have there stuff and save sale going on right now.
(same dress) 

Current Favorites- New 

 #1.  This book Heart of the Matter is REALLY good so far and I am only about 100 pages in. I would recommend it.

#2 I have been catching up on the past season's of Giuliana and Bill on E online and I am obsessed. I use to watch the show when it first came out and I kind of forgot about it! (Watch here)   

#3 I bought this fruit infuser tumbler for water and I love it for changing up the flavor of boring water.  (same) 

#4 This is simple but lately I have been braiding my hair at night and I love the way it looks in the morning when I take it out. 

#5 I have been trying to workout a few times a week and my favorite way to do that is with youtube. Lately I have been loving Fitness Blender workouts! (youtube channel) (favorite video) (another fav) (another fav)