Friday, February 5, 2021

January Favorites 2021

I have not shared a favorites post since I think November so these are my favorites combined over the last few months or so. Check out me last one here

1. Tula Brightening Eye Balm // I have heard so many bloggers talking about this Tula product. I had never tried any other Tula products but was a bit skeptical. It seemed like it might be one of those things that are overhyped. Though I am always looking for a product for my dark under eyes. I got it for Christmas and I am in love. I love the cooling effect it gives and it leaves this perfect small amount of shimmer. I am 100% hooked. 

2. Veja Sneakers // These sneakers are another item I got for Christmas. I didn't know what to expect with these because I had never even tried them on before. I literally saw someone in a coffee shop wearing them and I fell in love. Well boy was I surprised! These are some of the most comfortable fashion sneakers I have ever tried. I wore these all around San Antonio and my feet never really hurt. I even got my mom into them. I highly recommend plus they are not canvas so you can easily wipe them clean. 

3. O'Keefe's Working Hands Cream // I always used to get super dry hands during the winter months but didn't have the issues as much once moving to Texas. Well, now that I wash my hands 10 million times a day they have been DRY. Out of sheer desperation, I picked this up at the store when we were away for the weekend. It is super thick and you only need a very small amount but it has made my hands much softer. It does not have any strong scent and it is not super greasy. All in all, I am impressed. 

4. Second Life Podcast // In the last few weeks I have been listening to this podcast when on a walk. My mom introduced me to it like last year before Covid. I think I listened to one episode or so on my way into work. Well, I picked it back up again and I have been loving it. It is an easy listen all about women who have started their own well-known companies or are known in their career field. I just listened to one the other day from the founder of Daily Harvest. 

5. Nest Wild Poppy Perfume // The sample I got at Sephora totally sucked me into purchasing this. I went in for my usual cream and they gave me a sample of this. The sent didn't sound all that great but I tried it on and fell in love with it. I wore it a few times before I got the rollerball. Side note bottles of perfume I just don't think are worth it. The roller balls are where it is at. This sent definitely has a flower sent but I don't find it granny or overpowering. I will say I am not great at describing scents.  

6. Mission Wraps // I first bought these when I was back home over the holidays to make breakfast wraps with egg/bacon. I love the flavor of them and they worked great for that. More recently I have been having them at lunch with turkey. I have been enjoying doing a wrap for something different plus they are GF.  

7. Milk & Honey Deodorant // I have been using this for a few months now and I am impressed. It is a really good natural deodorant. I don't find myself sweating as much as I did with the Dove aluminum-free one. I like the smell but don't love it although they do have another sent I could try. All in all, I think it works great. 

8. Siggi's Diary-Free Yogurt // I saw this at Whole Foods one day and decided to give it a try. I had not had yogurt in a long time due to the usually high sugar content. Unless I had plain dairy-free and added honey or something. The flavors on these sounded good and they seemed fairly healthy. I have been loving them. The yogurt is super thick and has great flavor. They do have nuts in them so not great for everyone but luckily the nuts I am still allergic to are not in this. The only thing that stinks is about the only place I have seen these yogurts is Whole Foods. I have yet to see them any other grocery store at least here in Dallas. 

9. San Pellegrino Sparkling Water // Traditional San Pellegrino is another thing that normally has tons of sugar so I was intrigued when I saw these unsweetened sparkling waters. I have only tried this flavor but I love it. It is a different flavor than the usual options and the can is a cool shape. I have found these at both Target and Whole Foods so I am guessing most places would have them. 

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