Friday, January 29, 2021

Weekend In San Antonio, TX | Travel Guide

Happy Friday! It has felt like a pretty slow week and I am ready for the weekend. After the holidays I drove back from NY to Dallas with my sister and mom. They stayed for about two weeks and we got to do some fun things in Texas while they were here. My sister's birthday also happened to be when they were here. Back in October, I had the idea to take my sister to San Antonio for a fun weekend getaway. At the time I booked the Airbnb I didn't know what Covid would be like but it was a great city to visit because we were pretty much able to do everything outside. 

It definitely had a different "vibe" then Dallas but we all enjoyed the weekend and had a lot of fun. I wanted to share what we did for the weekend in case you are looking for suggestions. I must admit though most of these suggestions came from one my friends and she did not steer us wrong.  


From Dallas to San Antonio it is about a four-hour drive. We left after the workday on Friday and got in around 11ish. We were glad we didn't leave in the early afternoon because we were able to avoid pretty much all the traffic going into Austin. 


We started our day eating breakfast at Supper inside Hotel Emma. This was one of the places that was recommended to me and let me tell you it did not disappoint. We did make reservations which was probably a good idea because it was fairly busy. We ate outside which overlooks the river. It was very cold that weekend but they provided us with blankets and there were heaters outside so it was not too bad. I had this really good omelette and herbal tea. We also tried the million-dollar bacon they are known for which was very good. My mom and sister got the beignets which they said were awesome but I couldn't have them so I guess I will have to take their word. 

After breakfast we walked around the area which happened to have the Saturday farmers market going on. There was lots of good looking good and a few stores to look around in. 

From there we headed back to our Airbnb because I had Cooper with us on the trip and he needed a quick walk. After that, we headed to the market square where the popup indoor Mexican market was. It was so cool but I will say I am not sure if this was different than what it normally is due to Covid. Some of the buildings seemed to be closed. It was really cool to check out all the stores and I was able to find a few things myself including a huge bottle of vanilla for $10 and an embroidered top. 

After that, we headed to take a riverboat cruise. I will say we had a bit of trouble finding where to pick the boat up which I also think was limited due to Covid. We finally found on the website it said to park near the shops at Rivercenter and walk down to the river. We finally found it that way. I was not sure what to expect but it was really cool and I am glad we tried it out. 

Finally, we went back to freshen up for dinner and we then went to La Fonda on Main. We were able to eat outside on the back patio which was beautifully lit up with lights and was also heated. I know there are tons of Mexican places to pick from but I must say the food here was amazing and I highly recommend it. If weren't full enough we made one last stop at Lick for a nightcap of ice cream. We had walked by this place earlier in the day and thought it looked good. They had a gluten and dairy-free ice cream sandwich which was delicious.  


We packed quite a bit of stuff into Saturday because Sunday was a wash out for most of the day. We went and got breakfast from Bakery Lorraine to go. The breakfast was really good and all the baked goods looked amazing. I tried the gluten-free cranberry orange muffin and it was SO GOOD! 😊 
In the afternoon we went and picked up cupcakes to celebrate from Bird Bakery. They have one in Dallas but the original location is in San Antonio. They have some of the best cupcakes and cookies. We also picked up a coffee from Merit which was across the street. 

The rain finally let up a bit in the afternoon so we went and check out the Alamo. None of us are huge history nerds but it was cool to see. After that, we went over to the Alamo Quarry Market area. We didn't do any major shopping but it was a cool area to look around especially with the weather being so crappy most of the day. Finally, we picked up take-out dinner from Down on Grayson. We sadly couldn't sit outside because of the rain but it looked so cute. The portions were huge but the food was very good. We ended the night with champagne and cupcakes back home. 


We pretty much just packed up and hit the road! It was such fun weekend especially if you are in Texas it makes for a perfect weekend trip. Leave your suggestions down below too so I have ideas for the future. 

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