Monday, August 3, 2020

Week In Hilton Head Island & Thoughts On Traveling

Last week I took my first full week of PTO since I started my new job last summer. I went to Hilton Head with my mom and sister for the week. We rented an Airbnb and had the best time spending the week at the beach. Seriously one of the most relaxing trips I have had in a long time. Obviously, this tip looked much different than other years past when we have gone to HHI. I wanted to share my experience and thoughts around traveling right now during the pandemic to maybe help others who are torn with what to do. I also wanted to share a mini travel log of what we did during the week because HHI has a special place in my heart. I worked on the island one summer during college and I have never found a beach I love more! 

Traveling During A Pandemic:

I completely understand that this topic is a sensitive one and looks different for everyone. With that said I wanted to share my experience traveling to help others who are stuck with what to do. My family had this vacation planned and ultimately we decided to go on the trip. I flew American which they are now filling the plane including the middle seat. I ended up purchasing an aisle seat on both flights because I didn't want to sit in the middle seat. My mom sent me an N95 mask to wear for both flights and I wore the mask the whole time I was in the airport and really never took it off. I took it off once to have a snack in the airport but beyond that, I never took it off while on the flight at all. This made me feel the most comfortable with flying. Once we arrived we rented a rental car and drove to our Airbnb. We made sure to sanitize everything we could. I also drove to the airport and left my car there instead of taking an Uber which is what I would normally do. During the week we pretty much went to the beach or the pool for the day and then just did take out or ate outside. We didn't do any excursions or outings. This trip was very different than others but in the end, we were all so glad we went. We were able to relax and get away which I really needed! Don't get me wrong we were all a bit nervous to travel but once the week came I was not anxious at all. We wore masks and did everything we could to be safe and I feel like that's all you can do. Masks were required on the Island and off the Island in Bluffton which really help as well. I won't be going on any crazy adventurous anytime soon but it was nice to do something a little more normal. Everyones situation is different but I just wanted to give my experience around traveling. 

Travel Log:

This travel log is pretty much all food recommendations (lol) but still want to share! 

Marley's Take Out // We ordered to go from here after our first day at the beach. Our house had the perfect back deck to eat outside at. I had scallops and a salad which were cooked perfectly. 

Fiesta Fresh // I loved this place when I lived on the island and it was still just as yummy. It does not look like anything from the outside but they have the best mexican taco salad. This place does lots of takeout so it was perfect for that. 

Watusi Cafe // We sat outside here for brunch and I got the gluten free waffle which was so yummy. They also have the best iced chai tea. I got it with oat milk and it was so creamy. 

Choo Choo BBQ  // We wanted to try a new BBQ place and we decided to try this one off the island that we found on Google. It was a cute little restaurant in an old train. The BBQ and sides were amazing and I would definitely go back here again. The had a few picnic tables outside which is where we sat pretty much everyone else was doing to go. 

Salty Dog Cafe // This place is popular for good reason. They have amazing food and the BEST sweet tea. I had mahi mahi for dinner which didn't disappoint. They did a really good job of keeping things clean and they only used paper products for all the food/drinks. 

Al's Aloha Cafe // This was a new to us place and they had the most amazing açaí bowls. Like one of the best I have ever had. We ended up going here twice during the week. They had a order up counter outside to order at and a few picnic tables outside to sit. 

The French Bakery // We sat outside for brunch here at they never disappoint. I had a buckwheat crepe with eggs and it was delicious! 

G Free Bakery // We got a gluten free red velvet cake from this bakery for my birthday and it was so good.

Old Oyster Factory // We ended up here for my birthday dinner celebration after trying to go to Hudson's but the wait was way to long and they didn't seem to be doing too much with regards to Covid precautions. We had never been to this resuurant and it was SO good. We sat outside on the dock which was so nice. I had a lobster tail dinner which was very good. The portions were huge. 

Ice Cream Cone // This place has a non-diary soft serve and it is so good!! 

We did rent bikes and beach chairs for the week. We also did eat some meals at the house so we stocked up on food the first day we arrived. Beyond the beach the only other thing we did was a little bit of shopping at Lilly Pulitzer, the outlet mall, Spartina and Island Girl which is one of the best local boutiques on the island.

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