Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Happy National Dog Day: My Dog Must Haves

Hey guys the last few weeks I have not been feeling amazing and I was away last weekend but have missed posting! Today is national dog day and I thought it would be fun to share all my favorite dog related items. For those of you who don't know I adopted an older corgi named Cooper a little less than a year ago. Previous to that my family had never owned a dog before so I kind of learned as I went with regards to what products were a must (and I am still learning). Cooper has a very sensitive stomach so most of the items I am sharing are geared towards this. 

PS: Cooper really is not too into plush toys or dog beds so I don't have any recommendations in that department. Covid boredom has been getting to him so if you have any recommendations in that department let me know!

1. Dog Bowl Maze // This is one of the first products I ever bought for him and it is a must if you have a dog that is a super fast eater like Cooper is. He would eat his food in about 5 seconds if he could. This is pretty affordable and makes him slow down at least a little bit. 

2. Dog Water Bottle // This is another item I purchased pretty soon after adopting him and it is so easy to take with me in the car and on longer walks especially when it's hot outside. 

3. Crate Dog Bowl // Cooper is crate trained and when I go into the office all day I put him in his crate. I was noticing after a few weeks how thirsty he was when I got home. So I found this handy bowl that attaches right to the crate and he has water throughout the day. 

4. Zesty Paw Probiotics // These were top rated on Chewy and because of his sensitive stomach I give him one daily. He loves them and thinks they are another treat! 

5. Hip & Joint Supplements // These come recommended by my vet and seem to help with his back legs that sometimes shake. 

6. Max & Neo Dog Leash // The rescue organization I adopted him from gave me this leash and I have not needed to buy anything else. It has held up really well. Last week I let it soak in some warm water to clean it and it came out brand new!  

7. Deodorizing Dog Bath Wipes // If your dog hates baths like Cooper does then these are a must for in between washes. They smell fresh and keep him from smelling bad. 

8. Pet Order Spray // This is another great item to make your dog smell fresh in between baths. This is not a complete must have but its only like $3 for the bottle and it will last a long time. 

9. Greenies Peanut Butter Pill Pockets // If your dog has to take any pills I highly recommend these ones. I tried other ones at first that were cheaper but they didn't seem to agree with his stomach.   

10. Hyper Pet Lick Mat // I recently picked this up about a month ago and I am so glad I did. It keeps him busy for about 30 minutes and is more natural. I have just been putting all natural apple sauce on the mat and then freezing it. You can also do yogurt and peanut putter. 

11. Water Buffalo Bone // I have tired countless bones and he either gets sick on them and/or finishes them in 5 minutes. This one has lasted a while and he seems to like it. 

12. Yak Cheese Bone // This is another bone I recently picked up last month and has been a great replacement for plastic type bones that he got sick on. It is all natural cheese so it is safe for dogs to eat and this has kept him pretty occupied in the last few weeks! 

13. Blue Buffalo Dental Bones //  These treats are a great afternoon snack and good for their teeth. These are all natural and grain free! 

14. Trader Joe's Dog Treats // Trader Joe's has a few different dog treats that are all natural. They have a pb and banana bone as well as sweet potato treats. 

15. Berry Dog Treats // I picked these up on a whim at Target because they are also grain free and he loves these. These are quite small so it is the perfect little treat when he really does not need anything lol. 

16. Natures Miracle Carpet Cleaner // This brand my family has used for years with our cats and I think it also works great for dog accidents. This version in the spray can I discovered smells way better I think than the one in a spray bottle.  

17. Pet Scout Shop Bandana // These bandanas velcro instead of tie and are so freaking cute. Cooper's collection is growing and it is a problem. 

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