Friday, May 15, 2020

What I Have Been Watching During Quarantine

Happy Friday! I missed the blog this week but I was SO busy this week with work that by the end of the day I just didn't have the motivation to get a post up. I also just had a blah weekend last week so I am looking forward to making the most of the weekend and hopefully getting outside. 
In any other situation I would be ashamed to share how many tv shows I have been watching but I think at this point anything goes. I shared a list of tv shows back at the end of March with current tv shows I was watching and my favorites. I have a ton of shows on that list but I wanted to share with you what I have been watching the past month or two. 
1. Big Little Lies // This show is on HBO and based off of a book. HBO is offering some of their shows to be streamed for free including this one. I loved this show. It has some crazy scenes but it is so juicy I couldn't get enough of the show. It really keeps you guessing! 

2. Outerbanks // This is a new series on Netflix and it is one part romance and one part adventure about a group of kids trying to find gold. I would say this show is pretty unpredictable which makes it one you want to keep watching. 

3. The Pharmacist // This is a short documentary series about the opioid drug market and a doctor who was simply making money off of perceptions. It had an interesting storyline and was well done. It was something different than I usually watch but it kept me interested. 

4. Molly's Game // This movie is now on Netflix and a great one to watch. I saw this in theaters when it first came out so it had been a few years since I had seen it. I forgot how interesting this movie is. It is about a woman Molly Bloom who runs a large porker game and it is based on a true story. 

5. Social Network // Another one based on a true story about Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook. I had never seen this movie before but you can now watch it on Netflix. I enjoyed it and had no idea about the early days of Facebook. 

6. The Circle // This show is a Netflix original game type show where people are competing for money. It is based on people making social media profiles and engaging with others through social media. It is kind of confusing to explain until you watch it. This is one of the shows I have on in the background when doing other things. It is one that doesn't require much attention. 

7. All American // This might be my favorite show I have recently watched. This is on Netflix but it originally was on The CW. I think it is coming out with a new season sometime in the fall so it is a newer show but I had never heard of it. It is about a high school kid who lives in a bad neighborhood near LA who starts to play football for a team in Beverley Hills. I am a sucker for a good football drama and this one is really good! 

8. 90 Day FiancĂ© // I have no clue how or why I started watching this but it is a stupid reality show I turn on when I am needlepointing or writing a blog post. It is about couples who are from different countries and the process they take to get to America. It is one of those shows that is so bad but so good. 

9. The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley // This is a short documentary movie on HBO for free about Elizabeth Holmes. I knew nothing about her or the story except I heard her being talked about after a book was published. The documentary was very interesting. It's crazy how many investors were backing her when she really didn't have a working system. 

10. Ozark // I just started this show in the past week and I have mixed feelings about it. The first few episodes were kind of confusing to me but know I think I understand what is going on. It gets crazy real quick! It is about a family who launders money to a Mexican drug cartel. There are lots of nail-biting moments in this one. 

11. Selling Sunsets // I heard someone on TikTok talk about this show and was interested so I started watching it. It's a Netflix reality show about a group of real estate brokers who all work for this super upscale agency in LA. I was not expecting to like it but after a few episodes, I was hooked. I think a new season is coming out next week. 

12. Shark Tank // I just started watching some of the newer episodes in the past week. I use to watch this show quite often years ago but it has been so long since I have seen newer episodes. I love hearing about small businesses and their stories. 

Shows On My Watch List (Updated): 
1. Self Made 
2. Hollywood 
3. Never Have I Ever 
4. Bodyguard 
5. Goop Lab

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