Friday, May 1, 2020

Current Things Making Me Happy

Happy May!! I don't know about you but I am excited to start a new month. I don't have anything crazy planned or anything. I am just looking forward to a fresh start to get into a workout routine, the weather is getting so nice, and I just feel more into a routine doing everything out my apartment. This past week I had some flu bug or something for a few days. I just had a bad stomach ache and low energy but I missed not being able to post. I was going to share my monthly favorites but instead, I thought I would just share some more things that have been making me happy lately (check out the first version here). I really love reading others post like this so I wanted to share a few things I have been enjoying the last few weeks. 

1. Old Navy Lounge Set // I saw this set ( shorts / sweatshirt) on Jade Scott's Instagram and thought it was so cute. I like that it is tie-dye but not super bright. I also really like that it is shorts and not pants which are perfect for the Texas weather right now. I have it on today and it is so comfy. 

2. Half Of My Hometown // I heard this song on Spotify last week and I really like it! 

3. Gluten Free Banana Bread // I made this recipe this week when nothing really sound good to eat and it is SO good! 

4. Emily Ley Apparel // How cute is this sweatshirt with a happy stripe rainbow? Emily released some shirt designs for sale and they are so cute! 

5. Current Sales // I have been seeing tons of amazing sales online recently. Lilly Pulitzer is having an amazing sale with 30-50% off depending on how much you spend. Trying to resist buying too much but man is that such a good deal or what? J crew Factory and Vineyard Vines also have some good sales going on. 

6. Bird Bakery Cookie Dough // If you live in Dallas or San Antonio Bird Bakery is now selling there monster cookie dough to go so you can bake them at home! These cookie are gluten free and amazing. I was going to order some to make this week but then I was not feeling well but definitely want to soon. It sounds so good! 

7. Social Network & Molly's Game // Both of these movies were recently added to Netflix and I watched them both and would recommend them. Molly's Game I had seen a while ago but forgot how good the movie is. Social Network I had never seen before but it was actually a really interesting one to watch. I have been watching so many tv shows I might have to update my list I posted last month (#noshame)! 

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