Monday, April 13, 2020

Things Currently Making Me Happy

I hope everyone had a nice weekend & Easter Sunday. To be honest, this weekend was so weird for me. Easter didn't feel like Easter and my family would have been in town. So I tried to keep busy but I also felt a large lack of motivation. So I let myself be pretty lazy and not do anything too crazy this weekend. I thought it would be nice to share some things that have been bringing me small bits of happiness recently. I have to say this post idea is 100% due to Kate from Lonestar Southerns happiness list blog post she recently did. I loved this idea and thought I would share some of my own things. 

Trader Joes Margarita Mix // I picked this up last weekend when I went to the grocery store. I have had this in the past but forgot how good it is. I am glad I picked this up for a weekend drink at Melanie's quarantine bar! All you need to make this is the mix, triple sec, tequila, and a lime.

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies // I was craving a chocolate chip cookie last week and decided to order some baking supplies for delivery with Whole Foods. I tried this recipe from Ashley Brooke which is gluten-free and has all-natural sugar made with maple syrup. They turned out so good and they hit the spot. 

Needlepoint // Carly from Carly The Prepster has been needlepointing for months and it's something I have wanted to try for a little while now. So a few weeks ago I decided to spend most of my Saturday watching a bunch of tutorials and decided to give it a try. I order this canvas from Etsy and thread, needles, and scissors from this shop which has free shipping! 

Weekend Sweet Treat  // The last few weeks I have treated myself to a sweet treat on the weekend. It is definitely not the most healthy thing but I have a major sweet tooth. So an ice cream from TCBY or a cupcake from Sprinkle's has been the treats I have been enjoying the last few weekends. 

TikTok Videos // I downloaded the app a while ago when people first started talking about it and never went on it. Well, a few weeks ago I decided to see what all the hype was about and let me tell you I am hooked. No, I don't think I will be making a video anytime soon but I do love watching them. Yes, some are completely stupid but man some make me literally laugh out aloud and right now I definitely need that!

Leslie Jordan Instagram // After seeing so many TikTok's reenacting to Leslie Jordan's voice of "Well shit how y'all doing" I decided to get the scoop on the whole thing. I discovered his Instagram account where he has been posting daily quarantine videos and OMG he is just so funny.

Healthy Pancake Recipe // I saw this recipe on Caitlin's Instagram account and decided to give it a try for myself and was surprised by how good they tasted. All you need is 1 ripe banana, 2 eggs, and a scoop of chia seeds. Blend the ingredients together to make a batter and then cook in a pan like you would "normal" pancakes. I topped them with strawberries and maple syrup. 

Free HBO Shows // HBO has made a bunch of their TV shows and movies free to watch! I have not explored a ton of the free stuff yet but I have been watching Big Little Lies. It is super juicy and I am for it!

Doing My Hair // I normally don't do much with my hair even when I was going into the office. Though last week I decided to curl my hair and it made me feel so much better. I have not been putting any makeup on so doing my hair makes me feel at least a little bit put together! 

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