Thursday, April 9, 2020

My Top Products That Help Manage Chronic Muscle Pain

I have had this on my list of things to share for a while now but wanted to make sure I shared products that I usually frequent and that do help. If you suffer from any type of chronic pain or even muscle soreness after working out then this post is for you! If you want to catch-up on my health background you can check out this group of blog posts. Long story short though a little over two years ago I found out I have some audio-immune condition but not exactly sure what. One of the main symptoms that I continue to have is muscle pain. So today I am sharing the top products that I think help provide some relief. I also filmed a video in which I talk in detail about the products and how to use them so be sure to watch that as well below. I would love to know if you do or use anything I have not mentioned! 

1. Epson Salt //  I am not a huge bath person but adding Epson salt to your bath does make a difference. It can help with muscle pain but the key is you need to add a large amount of Epson salt. The package says 2 cups but normally add even more than that. So a small bag does not last long if you use Epson salt frequently. Not only does it help with muscle pain but it is a great way to relax before bed. You can get Epson salt that has a variety of different seats like lavender and eucalyptus. 

2. Bath Pillow // Going along with Epson salt bath is this bath pillow that is only a few dollars. It sticks to the back of the bathtub to add additional support to your neck or back. I sound like a total granny sharing this but it does help if you do take Epson salt baths. 

3. Biofreeze Professional // This is a role-on menthol product similar to IcyHot that works pretty well to role onto sore spots. It has a strong menthol smell in the bottle but once it goes on you don't smell strong and dries clear. I have seen Biofreeze at Target and the drugstore but the key is to get the professional kind which is much stronger. You may have to purchase this online if you can't find it in the store. 

4. Earth Therapeutics Neck Wrap // This is a neck wrap that you can heat up by putting it in the microwave and it smells and feels so good. It is like the neck wraps they give you at Woodhouse Day Spa and it is pretty inexpensive. It is meant for your neck but you could put it anywhere. 

5. Ice Pack // I first used one of these at my physical therapist and it works really well. It bends and moves super easily so it is different than your traditional stiff ice pack. I have it in the 10.5 X 14.5 size but they come in all different sizes. I use it on my shoulders and lower back. One time a through my back out and this helped SO much. 
6. Theraplus Relief Wrap // This is a massager and hot pad all in one. It works pretty well but sometimes it will over heat and turn off by itself. 

7. Foam Roller // This is another item I started using at my physical therapist and I picked one up for myself. I mainly use it on the front and back of my legs when they are super sore. There are tons of other ways to use it though if you look up a video on foam rolling. More recently I have been using this Trigger Point Performance foam roller at the gym. I don't own one but my Equinox location has them to use. It really works because of the groves on it. I will say though if you have never done foam rolling before I would suggest starting with one that is not too hard like the one I purchased liked here. 

8. Resistance Band // This is another great item most gyms have that can help stretch sore legs out. I usually wrap my foot around the bottom of the band and stretch my leg straight up. 

9. Trigger Point Message Hook // I just purchased this in the last few weeks since I can't go get a massage right now. This thing looks crazy but it does help. It comes with a little book that shows all different ways to use it. The way it is shaped and designed allows you to get better leverage on trigger points and it gives a similar feeling to a deep tissue massage.  

10. Thera Gun // I don't currently own a Thera Gun but have used it at my physical therapist in the past and it gives you that kind of pain it feels to good it hurts. It is basically like a battery-powered message drill that has different ends you can put on it. It helps to ease muscle cramps and feels SO GOOD. It is on my list of items to invest in because I will say it is pricey but I do think it is worth it. Another similar one which is also very popular is the HyperVolt but I have not tried that one. 

Other Things That Help... 

11. Massages // This is hands down the number one thing that helps me when I am in a lot of pain. I will get a 30 or 60-minute deep tissue massage. Ideally, I would get a massage every month but sometimes I can't fit it in or don't want to spend the money because it is expensive. 

12. Float Therapy // This is something my mom had me try earlier last year and I totally was weirded out by the videos I saw of what it is like. But I gave it a try and kind of liked it. Some spas have a float tank or other places are dedicated to the service. You go into this big pod in a private room and you float in a huge Epson salt bathtub. The difference is the salt content in the water is so high that you automatically float. It helps with pain and being able to sleep better. 

13. Acupuncture // I don't currently do this but I have in the past and I do think it helped. I was so nervous to try it but the needles are so small you don't feel it. 

14. Chiropractor // I go back and forth on this because it does help but I have had some people say at a younger age getting frequent adjustment is not great. Who knows but I will say that every doctor is different and has their own technique. 

15. Physical Therapy // This one is pretty obvious but it is something that can help build strength and get a doctor approved workout routine together. I have gone in the past but don't currently go. 

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