Thursday, April 16, 2020

Day Trip to Magnolia Market & Waco, TX

When my sister came to visit after the holidays we took a day trip to Waco, Texas which is less than two hours from Dallas. The weather that day could not have been more perfect and we had such a fun time. I thought it would be fun today to share some pictures and what we did for the day. We had never been so we didn't know what to expect but we had a great time and would recommend it if you are in Texas!

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The town of Waco is quite small but they are home to Magnolia Market which is the homeware line by Chip & Joanna Gaines. They own a bunch of different stores and there is lots to do on the property. 

The drive was pretty easy and uneventful. I would say the most confusing part was after we got off the highway we were going on all kinds of weird back roads due to construction. We got there mid-morning and the parking lot was pretty much full. We lucked out with a spot but I am guessing there was additional parking someone place else we just didn't look for it. 

We started just walking around and checking everything out. We took our first walk through the Magnolia store which was very busy when we first got there. We then headed over to the Silo Bakery which is right across from the store. There was a short line but it moved very fast. I am guessing anything from them would taste great but I tried the GF oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and the shortbread cookie. I think my sister also tried a biscuit. The cookies were AMAZING! After we got our baked goods we made sure to snap some pictures around as there are tons of cute places to get a picture. Then it was time for lunch! They have food trucks all around outside which is what we did. There is a restaurant called Magnolia Table but reservation slots fill up weeks before. We ended up having a pizza from the 900 Pizzeria food truck and it was so good! We also got ice tea from the Alabama Sweet Tea Company after we saw literally everyone walking around with this glass ball jar. The tea company is in with the food trucks and all their tea comes in this super cute ball jar cup which I still use for my lattes in the morning! Seriously though this tea was probably the best I have ever had. We both got the half/half and the sweetness was perfect. I could go for a big glass right now 😋  

After lunch, we went back to the store to look around and check out what they had as it was less busy. I put together my favorite items they sell above with links. The diffuser in the greenhouse sent smells so good and the dish towels are also so cute! I picked up this gold flower vase. The diffuser we found in the Magnolia Seed & Supply garden store which has an adorable garden out front. Finally, we decided to take the free trolly ride to see the rest of the town but to be honest there is not too much else right in town. Before we headed back home we drove to the Little Shop on Bosque which is where the original store was located. It is now an outlet store where all the products are last seasons or slightly defected and the deals are really good! We both got these matching logo tanks tops. You do have to drive to this as it is a few miles from the main Magnolia area where the store, silo, bakery, and garden are. 

We didn't go to Magnolia Press but it's a super cute coffee shop next to the store as well! 

Neither of use are Fixer Upper fans but it was just a fun day and we loved exploring the area. It is definitely just a day trip but such a great little getaway. Everything is also within a few miles of each other which makes it even more convenient. 

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