Saturday, March 28, 2020

Tv Shows I Would Recommend

I am sure everyone has been watching a bit more Netflix and Hulu these days. I always think it is interesting to see what other people enjoy watching. So today I am sharing my recommendations. These are shows I am currently watching or have previously watched. I would love to know what shows you are loving right now or shows I didn't include in this list that is a must see!

Current Shows I Am Watching: 

1. This Is Us // If you have not watched this you MUST start it. The way the episodes are written where they switch between past, present, and future is something I have never really seen in a TV show before but it makes it so interesting. 
2. Grey's Anatomy // I started watching this with my mom years ago and have watched it ever since. A few years ago I went back and watched it from the beginning because when I started watching it with her I hadn't seen the older seasons. It took me a long time because there are so many seasons but so worth it. 
3. The Resident // I love the drama this doctor show has. It shows the "dark" side of the medical field which you don't see in a lot of other medical shows. 
4. A Million Little Things // This is a newer show within the last year but it is really good.
5. Little Fires Everywhere // I just started this new one and I am addicted. The acting and story are so good. It makes me interested to see what the books are like.
6. Tiger King // I just started this last night as everyone has been talking about it and it is like everyone says bat sh** crazy but I guess when we are all stuck inside it makes for an interesting show. 
7. 911 // I still watch this but honestly after the first season it hasn't been that great. After Connie Britton left the show it was never as good. 

Shows I Recently Finished I Loved: 

1. Spinning Out // I don't think I would have picked this show out myself as it is about an ice skater but I heard someone talk about it on Instagram. So I decided to try it and I was immediately hooked. It looks like Netflix didn't renew it for a second season which sucks I loved it. 
2. Cheer // The same thing with this show I was never into cheerleading but after everyone started talking about it I thought I should see what all the hype is about. It wasn't until the second episode that I really got into it but then I was fully hooked. That last episode in Daytona I literally felt like I was there with them. 
3. Virgin River // My mom got me to watch this show and I did enjoy it even more than I thought I would. 
4. Love Is Blind // This show is pretty crazy and I don't think the whole idea really works but it's just one of those shows you have to watch.
5. Shitt's Creek // We all need a good laugh right now and this will 100% make you laugh. I mean all the characters are so different and crazy it just works. 
6. You // Honestly the second season was a little too much for me but it was still super addicting.  Not too sure how I feel about a third season. 
7. Mrs. Mazel // This show was recommended to me by someone at work and I ended up really liking it. I was a little slow getting into it but once she started to  become into the comedy I got into it. 
8. The Morning Show // This is on Apple Plus but I found a free trial subscription which is how I watched it. This show was so good and has some popular actors and actresses. 

Shows I Haven't Recently Watched But You MUST If You Haven't: 

1. Gossip Girl // This show is so addicting I remember in high school me and my sister could watch the show for hours after school. There is just so much drama and gossip that once one episode ends you feel like you have to watch the next. 
2. One Tree Hill // This is right up there with Gossip Girl it's just one of those teen tv shows you must watch. 
3. Designed Survivor // As much as I love a good gossip secession I have a weird obsession with government shows. This show is one of the best ones I have ever watched. I wish there was more seasons. 
4. Heart of Dixie // It has been a while since I watched this show as I use to watch it on The CW every week. It is an easy watch with some romance and drama. 
5. 13 Reasons Why // This show is another one that once you start you can't stop. The way it is set up with each episode about a different person's tape I think is an interesting way to set the show up. 
6. Suits // SO GOOD like this is definitely at the top of my list. The characters have such great roles and you grow to feel for some of them. I wish the new season was out on Prime. I need some Harvey to watch :) 
7. Friday Night Lights // This is obviously about high school football and I would put it in with One Tree Hill. It is based around a small town and a football team. I fell in love with Connie Britton after watching this show. 
8. Desperate Housewives // I did not watch the first few seasons of this and I don't remember a ton about it but I know I use to like it when I watched it. You can watch all the seasons on Hulu. 
9. The Hills // Some juicy reality TV right here and who doesn't love Lauren Conrad? 
10. Mistresses // This was on ABC a few years ago and now it is on Hulu and it was another good juicy show. 
11. Nashville // Following with my love for Connie Britton this one is a great show and the country music in it surprisingly good. 

Shows I Started And Never Finished: 

1. Gilmore Girls // Everyone tells me I stopped watching right when it got good. So maybe I will start this up again one day. 
2. The Crown // I liked it but honestly just got bored of it. 
3. Madam Secretary // This show had periods of slow episodes and I kind of just stopped watching it. 
4. How To Get Away With Murder // Not sure why I stopped watching this I always liked it. 
5. Scandal // I got so sick of this show and Olivia Pope. Girlfriend can't make up her mind. 
6. Good Trouble // This show was not super exciting so I stopped watching it after last season. 
7. The Good Wife // I want to like this show but it kind of moves slow to me. If you can't tell I need shows that have lots going on otherwise I just get sick of them! 

Shows On My To Watch List: 

1. Self Made 
2. The Pharmacist 
3. The Goop Lab 
4. Ozark 
5. Bodyguard 

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