Sunday, March 22, 2020

Five Fitness Classes To Do Inside

I will be the first to admit I hate working out inside. Before I joined a gym in high school I would try to do workout videos at home but I never felt as motivated as when I took a class and physically went to the gym. Not only am I more motivated to go when I am paying for the membership but I love working out in a class setting with others. With that said right now, that is not an option. So today I wanted to share five ideas for videos/classes you can do from home! A lot of these companies are offering subscription codes were you get a few months free. 

1. Obe Fitness // I signed up for a free 30-day trial and have done two classes which were both a really good workout. I did a dance cardio class and a sculpt class. They also have live classes you can join in real-time. I have not tried any of those classes. So far I am liking the classes they are much harder than I thought they would be.  *Use code CAITLINMONTH for a free 30 day trial. 

2. Pure Barre On Demand // When I had a membership at Pure Barre it came with free access to Pure Barre on Demand. The classes are very similar to the classes in the studio so they are sculpting and strength-based with a little cardio. If you are not a member of Pure Barre you can just pay for Demand which I think would be a perfect workout at home to try right now. *Use code EXTENDEDTRIAL for a free 60 day trial. 

3. Blogilates // I feel like Casey is one of the OG girls to do at home workout videos. She has a whole selection of free workout videos on her YouTube channel. I love her personality and mix of classes she does. Some videos are a quick 10 minutes and others are a longer class style. She also has a bunch of challenges on her website to try. 

4. Peleton // I always just thought of Peleton as the company who made the cycling bike and treadmill. But someone from work recently told me they have videos to do. The best part is they have a free 90-day trial! They have yoga classes, strength, and running. I might have to sign up for the free trial and give a few of the videos a try. Like Obe, they have live classes as well. 

5. Fitness Blender // I use to do some of there videos and they are so good. They have a whole library of free videos that you can filter by all types of criteria. These videos are a great option if you want something that does not cost any money. 

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