Saturday, March 21, 2020

Fifteen Things To Do Inside & Ways To Stay Positive

Hey everyone while things have been crazy for everyone and changes are happening all the time one thing I am excited about is having more time to blog and spend on improving my website! I always feel like I have too much other stuff going on that it is hard to get into a blogging routine. So I am taking this time while stuck inside to start back into blogging. While things have been so strange not interacting with anyone in person as I am working from home and live by myself I have been enjoying keeping up with other bloggers on social media. Things can definitely get pretty boarding so I wanted to share things that I am going to be doing over the next few weeks to stay productive and remain positive! A lot of people have been posting similar ideas but I wanted to share my ideas and give my input because you can never have too many ideas. I would also love to know what fun things you have been up to. 

Thought we could all use a beach photo just about now 
1.  Sign Up For a free 30 Day Trial With Scribd // Carly the Prepster posted about this company on Instagram and I had never heard of it. It is an online book subscription that has books to read and audiobooks to listen to. They are running a free 30-day subscription that does not even require credit card information to sign up. I signed up and am excited to read a few new books! 

2. Get Sweaty // Tomorrow I am going to share a whole post about fitness class subscriptions and options for indoor workouts. Being active is so important when we are not out doing much these days. The other day I went on a run outside and it felt SO good and I normally hate running.  

3. Take Your Dog On Long Walks // Obviously, this is only an option for dog owners but today I took Cooper on two long walks and we went to a park to change things up. It is another great way to get outside while still not being too close to others. 

4. Craft Something // I love starting new craft projects but never have the time anymore for this so I might order some supplies online to try something new. Not sure what though so would love some ideas! 

5. Update Your Budget // This is kind of boring but it is something I have been meaning to do for the last few months. I was using the Mint app but switched to just using a spreadsheet and have been meaning to finish setting up a new spending tracker for a while now. I definitely am going to take some time to do this. 

6. FaceTime With Friends & Family: This will for sure make things feel more normal. 

7. Bake Something // I recently have been craving banana bread so I might try my hand at making some the only things is I don't have all the ingredients so I would need to go to the store. 

8. Clean Makeup Brushes // This is something I am SO bad at doing but it helps your face avoid breakouts. 

9. Have A Spa Night // Treat yourself to a DIY face mask, take a bath, and paint your nails. 

10. Get Into A New Show // Take goodness for Netflix and Hulu so we can have movie nights and lay around and be lazy. 

11. Order Flowers // I always have flowers in a vase in my kitchen and these days a boutique of flowers can really brighten up your space. Then today I saw Emily Ley posted on her story about ordering from local florists and delivering them to friends. I love this idea of ordering from someplace local as I usually just get flowers from Trader Joes. 

12. Organize Your Electronics // I am SO BAD about deleting emails and keeping the files on my laptop organized. This is the perfect time for me to get my emails cleaned out and sorted. It really is a hot mess like I think the one email account I send all my "junk" to has like 15,000 emails! 

13. Find Inspirational Instagram Accounts To Follow // I always love discovering new accounts on Instagram. The one that sticks out the most to me recently is @dawnrbarton. I love her sense of humor and outlook on life. She is coming out with a book in May and I cannot wait to read it. 

14. Make A List Of Trips // This might sound silly as we currently can't do any travel for the near future but I think it helps to have things to look forward to. Make a list of all the places you want to visit big and small and a timeline of when you would want to do the trip. This way you have trips and ideas for when we can all travel again. The best part is the trips will be that much more special. 

15. Clean Out // This is the perfect time to clean out your closet, office, piles of mail, garage, and any area of your house that needs extra attention. It always feels so good when you can donate and purge things you just don't use. 

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