Friday, September 4, 2020

August Favorites

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope everyone has plans to take some time, relax and enjoy the outdoors. I am headed to a friends place for the night. Which I excited to get away from my apartment for the night. Another new month means another new month of favorites... 
1. Waterloo Peach // I tried this brand of sparking water in watermelon and didn't love it but when I saw this peach flavor at Whole Foods it sounded very refreshing. This flavor tastes exactly like peach and I love it! I love peach tea but this is a much healthy alternative. 

2. Daiya Salted Carmel Ice Cream Bars // I have been on an ice cream kick lately but the bars are a little bit healthier as far as calories go because they are more portion controlled than a carton of ice cream. These non-dairy ones I found at Target and they are so good. 

3. Raw Sugar Green Tea Body Wash // This body wash my sister told me to try and OMG it smells so refreshing like you are at a fancy spa. I got it at Target and it is pretty reasonably priced. 

4. Kevin Murphy Killer Curls // My hair dresser recommend this to me and it is hands down the best curl cream I have used. It does not leave my hair frizzy at all. After I wash my hair I put a small amount of this in my hair and scrunch it. I just let it air-dry and it turns out great. So easy and I have been able to use way less heat on my hair!

5. Clovetree Apothecary Muscle Relief Balm // I went and got a massage this past month and this is the brand they used in the spa. The massage therapist used the oil version of this muscle relief balm but I decided to try it in the balm version. I just put a little bit on my neck and shoulders before bed at night. It works better than bio-freeze and I really notice that this stuff helps with the tension I have in my upper back/shoulders. 

6. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens // I use to have a set of the Le Pens but the tips got all pushed down so I was looking for some new ones. They are pretty hard to find so I decided to do some research and these kept coming up as a top choice on blogs/reviews. They are more like a marker but super fine tip. I have been using them in my planner ever since I got them and I love them!

7. Dipwell Nail Kit // My nail salon that I normally go to has stopped doing dip manicures and I missed the dip. I did try a few gel manicures but I just don't love them as much. Other salons in the area are doing dip but the one I trust for cleanliness is not so I decided to do some reach on at home dip kits. After TONS of looking I found this amazing dip kit. It comes with everything that you need and you can customize what dip colors you want in your set. The whole kit with 2 colors and all the steps is only $45. I was really impressed with how they came out the first time. It really was pretty easy to do. I just redid them again this week and they came out even better than the first time around. The key is to do thin layers to avoid it getting super thick. I think I am going to do a whole posts talking about the kit and my tips on how to do it at home! 

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