Monday, October 5, 2020

Fall Bucket List 2020

 If you missed it the other week I posted a fall clothing inspiration list and so today I am going to share a fall bucket list! I used to make bucket lists for the different seasons all the time but I don't think I have done one in years. I have been seeing quite a few other bloggers post fall ideas and I thought I would join in on the fun! I didn't include a ton of basic fall things I normally would either because of Covid or they are things I have already done. I was going to create this list a week or two ago but time got away from me. I have already decorated for fall and picked out pumpkins at the farmers market! I would love to know what fall things you are up to this year. 

I hope everyone is able to enjoy the season and make the most out of the last few months of the craziest year. I know I am looking forward to the rest of the fall and the holidays being home with family! Work has been kind of crazy the last week so sorry I have been a bit MIA on here. 

1. Bake homemade apple cider donuts // I use to love a fresh hot apple cider donut but have not had one in a few years now because they are never gluten-free. I was looking on Pinterest the other day and found a few recipes for baked donuts that I could use gluten-free flour with. I am going to try to make them at some point! 

2. Getaway on a mini-vacation // This I am really excited about because I already have a tentative plan with friends and I think it will be a perfect weekend away only a few hours from Dallas.  

3. Try a new restaurant // I have a place in mind I want to try but it needs to be a nice night because the place is suppose to have super cute outside eating. 

4. Get a facial // This place down the street from me that specializes in facials opened at the beginning of the year and I never got to try it out before Covid. I think I finally feel safe going to get a facial if the place seems to be extra clean so I might try it out or go to a different spa. I have been wanting to get a facial I have only had one years ago and it shrunk my pores so well! 

5. Make a pumpkin dessert // I think I am going to try to make pumpkin cream cheese muffins like they sell at Starbucks. This is another thing that I use to love to get before I went gluten-free. 

6. Dress Cooper up for Halloween // So I can't put anything on his feet or anything too distracting because he will hate me but I think it would be cute to do something small and get his picture. I mean why not? I don't have too many other plans for Halloween this year. 

7. Get a pumpkin smoothie bowl // Nektar has a special pumpkin smoothie and smoothie bowl during the fall. I tried it last year and it was so good so I want to make sure to get one this year! 

8. Take Cooper to a new trail // I have a place picked out I think out in Plano that I have been wanting to go to. It is just a bit of a drive so I need to plan to do it one weekend. 

9. Watch a Bills game on TV with appetizers // I don't want to jinx it but the Bills are actually doing good so far this year. So I want to cuddle up with my Bills blanket and watch a game. Obviously, I have to make some buffalo wing dip and make some pizza to go along with it! I don't have cable but I think I can watch the game on Peacock or Roku?

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