Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Wish List

Hi y'all I was going to post this yesterday but I had a church function that ran late! I am saying y'all because I am in the southern spirit after almost watching every episode of Jersey Belle on Bravo. The show came out this summer but I just started watching it. Even though it's a "reality show" I love it because there is no drama just real everyday fun with some fun southern girls. I hope everyone is having a great weekend I know mine is very busy with homecoming. Also today it's almost 80 degrees outside which is a nice change from the cold fall weather we have been having. 

Today's blog post is a look into the items I want REALLY badly this fall. Not all the times are just fall piece but they are what I am dying over right now. I am always adding and subtracting times from what I want for various reasons (I don't like it in person, I find something better, it dose not fit). Also most of the items I have on this list are not clothes they are accessory's. Probably because when it comes to clothes there are not a lot of set piece I want. I normally just go to the mall and look around for pieces I love :) What are your fall wants (tell me in the comments)? 

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