Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vacation day 5

Sorry this is a day late!! 

It was a really busy day so I did not have time to take a proper picture of my outfit so I just decided to use a picture we took from our days outings. I literally spent a 1/2 hour trying to crop this picture to get it more zoomed in on my outfit but it wouldn't work so I am just leaving it.

Vacation day 5 outfit 

Close up of the necklace 

Note: I am not going to put the dates on things anymore unless you really want me to because I just don't really see the point and it gets confusing.

1. Navy t-shirt is from Gap (similar)
2. Sand colored shorts are from Target (similar)
3. Sandals are from Target (similar)
4. Bubble necklace with matching earrrings from Charming Charlie's (same)
5. Handbag is from Francesca's collection (same) (similar)

Snapshot of day 5  

We woke up really early and went to the Kennedy space center all day! It was a really great trip and I would definitely recommend it as something to do. After that we went home had dinner and just hung out because we were really tired.

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