Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Perfect Jeans Shorts: Madewell Relaxed Denim Shorts

I am so excited about this post because jean shorts are impossible to find the perfect pair. They are either too short, way overpriced, not wide enough in the legs...and the list goes on. A ton of people have been talking about the Abercrombie shorts this summer and while I think they may be a good option I never could get my size in stock plus to me, they seemed a bit overpriced. I have a pair of older Abercrombie ones that I do wear often but they are a bit too short. I also have a really affordable pair I picked up from Target last summer. With that said I was still on the hunt for the perfect pair. I tried Loft, Banana Republic, and Old Navy and didn't like any of them. One night I decided to try my luck at another Google search. These Madewell ones came up and caught my eye because of the description. They seemed to have everything I was looking for. They were on sale so I decided to give them a try. I went off the reviews and sized down one size. When they arrived I was in total shock that they even fit and that I actually loved them. I bought them in two different color washes (Style 1 and Style 2) and have been wearing them ever since. Now, these probably will not be the perfect pair of jeans for everyone but if you are looking for what I describe then I would recommend these 100%!


Reasons I am Obsessed:

1. Where They Fall on My Hips: I hate super high wasted but I also didn't want a pair that were super lower rise. These are the perfect in-between. They lay right at my belly button. 

2. The Leg Opening: I have fairly wide legs and these are not tight. They even have extra opening room. 

3. The Price: Full disclosure I have never tried the Agolde jean shorts before because I can't bring myself to pay over $100 for shorts. I have paid that much for jeans but shorts I don't know something about it just sounds so expensive. Maybe they are worth the money but I got two pairs of these Madewell shorts for around $80!!

4. Perfect Length: 3-inch inseam so they are the perfect length for me. 

* I did size down one size compared to my normal jean size based on the reviews and they fit perfect.

** They do have a button closure instead of a zipper. I was not thrilled about this at first but to my surprise I really don't mind it. They are easy to button and un-button. 


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