Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy December

In the spirit of it being December 1st today I thought I would share some fun pictures I took last week when we went to get our Christmas tree. This is the second year we have gone to cut down our own tree and it's honestly such a great time. I hope to continue to do this for years to come as my family has always gotten a real tree. I did actual help cut it down this year and it wasn't that bad! The place we go to is the cutest they have a horse ride that takes you right to the trees. Once you get out their they have saws and a nice warm fire too! We were pretty quick picking out a tree this year as we had limited time because I had to get to work. The tree we picked looks really nice in the house though I think the fam has yet to decorate the tree.  The tree farm also has the cutest country store so we made sure to pick out a wreath for the front door and get some kettle corn! I hope you enjoy this fun post and let the countdown to Christmas begin. 

In other news I am going to try and blog everyday for the month of December but I am not making any promises as these next two weeks are going to be crazy as the semester comes to an end!

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