Monday, November 17, 2014

College Prepping: Scholarships

Hi everybody I feel like I have not blogged in FOREVER. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend I was away for a youth conference so I could not blog. It's suppose to snow a lot tonight so I am wishfully hoping we might have a snow day tomorrow however I don't think it's to likely. I could really use a day off though to get some stuff done!!! Speaking of snow I am slowly getting into my favorite time of year (aside from the summer) the holidays. I love the decorations, parties, getting dressed up, making a Christmas list, baking endless goodies and spending time with family. I have been working on a Christmas list which I can't wait to share on the blog with a bunch of super fun posts I have planned. 

Anyways in last weeks post I mentioned about a post that I was a bit different from my usual. Well after a week I am finally here to share it. I am going to warn you it's not super exciting however I hope you find in helpful. Ok so applying to college is one of the hardest and most challenging tasks I have had a face so far. While I am done with applying to schools I have been still working on research and scholarships. So today I am going to share with you some tips for tackling the task of applying for scholarships. Now I am know expert and have not done to much but I feel I have a ton of valuable tips. I also plan to do more college tip related posts sometime. Anyways lets get to this post...  

1. Get everything else done first- What I mean by this that get everything else done first before starting to apply for scholarships. Applying to college is the first step so do this first before you focus on scholarships. 

2. Start small and then go bigger- Try to start by first looking for local scholarships then state and finally national. You don't want to apply for just national scholarships because you have a WAY better change of getting local ones. They might be a smaller dollar amount but you could get more of them. 

3. Look of scholarships specific to your major (ex: Hospitality scholarships) 

4. Think out of the box- Look for scholarships your patent's work might offer or if your parents belong to a union. Also if you belong to a credit union look into that as well.  Even memberships to sustain organizations. I know even my daycare I went to as a kid has a scholarship I am going to apply for. 

5. Always follow all directions on the application and submitted it ON TIME 

6. Apply for am many as possible because you will be more likely to get them.

7. Use your school as a resource to help you. If they are not that great at helping you then create a Fast Web that will link you to scholarships that apply to you. 

8. If you have the time try to do a minimum of 10 hours/week working on scholarships.

9. Stay organized- I create a spread sheet with different categories to helper organize what scholarships I want to apply for and when they are due. You can organize your spread sheet however you would like but this is how I did it... 

Wow that was a long post but I really hope this helped you and you learned something. Please feel free to leave comets about questions you have, more suggestions and whether I should do more of these types of posts. 

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