Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Current Favs

I have a few things I have been loving lately and wanted to share with you. I cant believe tomorrow is already Christmas Eve. I hope everyone has an amazing holiday & make sure you check back for some fun holiday posts that will be going up in the next few days! 

Monogram Baseball Hat: I think I am going to have to order myself a monogram baseball hat! I mean it combines baseball hats & monogram which I love both. I came across this hat while browsing through Tuckernuck the other day and fell in love with it! 

Renpure Conditioner: My mom bought this conditioner at Marshall's to try and it's seriously the BEST conditioner ever! The first time I used this stuff I could not stop touching my hair it was so soft and not frizzy. You definitely should head to your local Marshall's and try this!

Milano Candy Cane Cookies: These cookies are the definition of the holidays. The combination of the mint and chocolate together make these cookies SO good (I have eaten way to many lately)!

The Royal Family: William and Kate's holiday card with their kids is perfection. The kids are just to cute I can't get over it. I also love Kate's style as she always dresses so elegantly!

Sperry Duck Shoes: I saw these while browsing in some local boutiques after church on Sunday and I just think these are so cool. They are like a duck boot and a flat combined so they are perfect for those warmer rainy days! Which we have been having lots of surprisingly instead of snow. 

Song Of The Week: 
Riser by Dierks Bentley: I am loving this song recently 

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