Wednesday, February 10, 2016

50 Random Facts

Today I am sharing with you 50 random facts about me so you guys can get to know me better! I think this is a great way to get to know me on a more personal level instead of just as a fashion blogger. Some of these things you might already know and some of them you might not. I really enjoyed coming up with today's post and would not mind sharing more about me if you would like. Hopefully you learned something interesting about me after reading this post!

1. I can't blow up a balloon to save my life.
2. I have a severe tree nut allergy. 
3. My favorite foods are ice cream & seafood.
4. I hate the winter and have always wanted to live down south.
5. I have a obsession with reality TV shows. 
6. I love to bake but I really don't like to cook. 
7. I really want a Portuguese Water Dog. 
8. I love the outdoors (biking, hiking, boating, etc.) even though I am also a girly girl.
9. I am not a sports person. The only sport I really like to play are golf and swimming. 
10. I am one of the most organized people you will meet. I make lists for EVERYTHING. 
11. I LOVE to travel but I use to be deathly afraid of flying.
12. I have a weird obsession and collection of water bottles.
13. I have had glasses since 6th grade and my eye sight is pretty bad. 
14. When I was younger I use to have bad anxiety. I think talking to a counselor is something everyone should consider in hard times. 
15. I love anything navy, striped or nautical. 
16. I hate anything orange flavored though I love actually oranges. 
17. I have always wanted 4 kids though that might change (haha). I also think it would be cool to adopt. 
18. I cant stand anything that has to do with getting sick. 
19. I am a Leo and I think it describes me perfectly. 
20. My first name is Melanie and my middle name is May hence the name of my blog... MelchicMay. 
21. I love reading inspirational quotes. 
22. When ever I go to Starbucks I ALWAYS order a green tea latte (hot or cold). 
23. I am part of the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority.  
24. I love dark chocolate more then any other type of chocolate. 
25. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) so I don't eat dairy and lots of other foods.
26. I hate soda so I mainly drink iced tea and water.
27. When I am sad I love to watch wedding videos to cheer me up. I know this is random but they always make me happy. (one of my favorites) 
28. I can't tolerate spicy foods at all.
29. I have a major obsession with nail polish and skin care products. 
30. I have never traveled outside the U.S. other then Canada but I would love to go to Europe. 
31. I HATE clusters of seeds especially in peppers it creeps me out to even think about it. 
32. My dream car is a Land Rover (a girl can dream). I just think they are so perfect. 
33. If I have to eat soup I eat it with a fork because I don't like the broth though I really don't like soup at all.
34. My major in college is Hospitality and Event Management.  
35. I have one younger sister and my family has two cats. 
36. Growing up I never moved into a different house. My family has been in the same house since I was born. 
37. I hate scary movies of any kind. I am a romance girl all the way. 
38. I have a major sweet tooth. I pretty much like any kind of desserts. 
39. I really don't like social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) but I have a blog. 
40. I don't know why but roses are my least favorite flower I really hate them.  
41. I love country music more then any other type of music.
42. I was in Girl Scouts all of my childhood.
43. I can't function without taking a shower everyday. 
44. I get bored very easily and I always have to be doing something. 
45. I am always down for a shopping trip.
46. I am often very hard on myself.
47. I love Target more then any other store in the world. 
48. My favorite city is Boston. 
49. I really don't like reading. 
50. I love the feeling of a fresh haircut.  

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