Saturday, April 23, 2016

Things I Wish I Had When I Moved To College

Hey guys with the semester coming to a close and as I wrap up my first year of college which is crazy  I wanted to share more college related posts. So today to start this new series off I wanted to share some items that I wish I had when I moved into the dorms. Some of these things I eventually went out and bought and some of these things I am planning to buy for next year! I hope you enjoy this new type of post and feel free to leave a comment below with anything you think I should add to this list. PS: I know it's been a while since I posted a Video Series but I promise a video is coming to you tomorrow!

Me and my roommate went about a week and then realized that we needed a rug. It makes the room look so much more put together and cozy. It also adds for a place for people to sit when they come into our room. We bought a navy rug at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $45 so it was not too bad because we split the cost. 

This is something I will be buying for next year because I am always borrowing my friends but it's so useful. The dryers here at school are SO hot that I don't trust a lot of my clothes to be dyed in the dryers. So I always have clothes hanging everywhere after I do laundry but the drying rack keeps the clothes more contained. 

This is something that only works if you have a big enough fridge but it would be so helpful to have. Sadly my fridge door is to small to fit a Britta filter so I still have to figure our what I am going to do for next year. Though if you have room for a Britta Filter it's so much easier then buying bottled water all the time. 

With outlets at a premium I have an extension cord on my desk where I charge my phone however their has been multiple times where I wish I had an extra long phone charger so that when I am sitting in bed the charger reaches. 

Obviously I brought laundry detergent to college however I brought the Tide Pods and I will not being re-buying them again. For what ever reason the washers don't dissolve the pods well with the crappy washers they have and multiple times my clothes have been stained from the Tide Pod. So I would recommend buying regular liquid detergent. 

I have two large command strips stuck to the side of my dresser which are a life saver when it comes to hanging up my coats and sweatshirts. It's so much easier then trying to but all my coats in my small closet.  

When you buying a rug you kind of have to buy a small vacuum to go with it because the dark color of the rug can get dirty looking very quickly.

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