Thursday, May 12, 2016

Friday Favs

I have finally packed up all my stuff and am ready to head to Baltimore tomorrow! I am getting more excited as the time gets closer. I also got to meet up with another friend today last minute so I am happy with all that I got to do with friends & family before I leave. Today I thought I would share with you some of my current favorites!

1. Starbucks Tumbler: I am pretty sure my last Friday Favs post also featured a water bottle but what can I say I have an obsession. I saw this cup in Starbucks last week and I fell in love with it. I just think the pattern is SO cute and bright!

2. Friday Night Lights: I started this show on Netflix this week as I had lots of free time to spend watching TV. Torrie actually watched the whole season already and kind of told me to watch it and let me tell you I am hooked. I am already half way through the first season. If you liked One Tree Hill then this show is for you. Plus Connie Britton is in the show and I love her!

3. DIY Acai Bowls: I found this recipe for a acai bowl that you can make at home and I really want to try it. I have been enjoying either a yogurt or smoothie for breakfast and this combines both of those things together. These DIY bowls are also way more affordable then buying them pre-made! I will have to let you know how they taste once I give them a go. 

4. Tory Burch: I just recently purchased my first pair of Tory Burch flats and I have been loving them. They are SO comfortable and they look cute with any outfit. Not only have I been loving my first TB purchase but I have been recently reading up on Tory Burch and I love what she has to say about starting a business. She is so inspiring she makes me want to start a business! 

5. Aerie Swing Dress: I found this dress while shopping for some new bras in Aerie and I love it! It's so flattering and comfortable. It's the perfect dress to put on when you need to look nice but have no idea what to year. Definitely check this dress out at Aerie. 

H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line

                                                            Make You Miss Me by Sam Hunt

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