Saturday, August 6, 2016

Planner Wish List

So I completely realize that it has been over a week since I last post which stinks! I have just been keeping busy with work but my last day is on Friday so I promise that after Friday you will see me more often on here! I celebrated my birthday on Monday (August 1st) with my friends I have made here in Baltimore. I had a great day shopping around the mall, getting my nails done, and having dinner with everyone though I did miss my family which we are planning on celebrating on vacation. Anyways more on my birthday later... 

As back to school quickly approaches I wanted to share some items I hope to purchase for my new Lilly Pulitzer planner which my friend so nicely got for my b-day. I have grown to really enjoy making my daily planner pretty so I thought I would share with you the items I will be buying for back to school!

One: I really want a nice colorful pen set that I can use to color code my planner. I found these Staedtler ones from Target that seem really nice. 

Two: I want to add a mammogram sticker to the front of my planner just for fun and to make it more personalized. 

Three: Washi tap I think is a nice way to add color to any weekly spread and I already have two colors but I want to expand my collection to make my planner even more fun and colorful. 

Four: I think adding a page marker would be a nice way for me to know which page I am on in my planner. 

Five: Planner stickers are the main thing I want to add to my planner. I want to purchase a few useful planner stickers like these tabs that say "Things To Do". I think that the decorative planner stickers look super cute but they are not that useful! 

Six: These Avery color coding labels I think would be super helpful to plan different events and assignments I am working on. The color of them are also really fun. 

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