Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Last Year In Pictures

I figured since yesterday I shared with you a brief overview of what has happened within the past year of my life from my last blog post I wanted to give you one more opportunity to feel like you somewhat caught up on my life before I dive right back into posting about new things. So today I am sharing with you a few pictures of the things I mentioned in yesterday's post! I hope this gives you a better look into my life. Tomorrow I will "officially" be posting new content with my top picks for the Nordstrom sale that is happening right now so stay tuned for that. 

Exploring Beaufort, SC
So Many Gorgeous Sunsets 
Old Southern Plantains Are My Favorite 
Shark Fishing 
Me & My Roomie Before We Left S.C. 
Dallas, TX visit 
Fort Worth, TX stock yards

Spring Break 
Discovery Cove
Dolphin Experience 
Apple Picking 
Turkey Trot (please excuse the bad outfit it was cold)
Boston Duck Tour
Fenway Park Tour
Christmas Tree Cutting
Easter In D.C. 
Mothers's Day 

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