Wednesday, June 20, 2018

4th Of July Outfit Inspiration

I don't think there is any color combo I love more than red, white, and blue. I just love the three colors together especially since it normally includes a ton of stripes and gingham to make it even better! I can't wait for 4th of July so I can put on my best patriotic outfit. Aside from your "typical" holidays 4th of July is definitely my favorite. Between the outfits, fireworks, BBQ and time spent outside it can't get any better. This year me and my sister booked a quick two night trip to D.C. I mean you can't get much more patriotic than that! We went to D.C. for Easter this year and we both had so much fun we wanted to go back. I can't wait for the trip. If you live in the area I would love any suggestions you may have.  

I am still figuring out what I want to wear for the 4th of July myself so I put together some outfit inspiration below in case you are in need of some options. I have to say Vineyard Vines is on point right now. Their "Red, Whale, & Blue" section on their website right now is seriously perfect. My mom and I already purchased this because we couldn't resist. 

I would love to know what your plans are for the 4th and what you plan on wearing! 

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