Monday, October 22, 2018

Weekend Trip To Mackenzie- Childs (Aurora, New York)

I had it on my summer bucket list to visit the Mackenzie Childs store in Aurora, NY. They have a huge barn sale every July that I also kind of wanted to go to. I was in Martha's Vineyard during the sale so I never made it out to the store this summer. So the past weekend we made a ladies trip out of it and my sister, my mom and I took a mini road trip to visit the store. I took some amazing pictures and I also wanted to share the experience with you!  


I had heard of Mackenzie-Child for quite some years now but really didn't know much at all about the company. In recent years they have become more well known and have grown with the help of social media. The company is based out of Aurora, NY overlooking Cayuga Lake which only happens to be a few hours from Buffalo. So this made for the perfect weekend trip. There is really not too much else in the little town but the drive up was nice and we spent the night in Rochester and did a little shopping and dinner.   

They offer tours of the farmhouse on the property every hour so we signed up for a time slot ahead of time. We really didn't know what to expect but the tour of the house was AMAZING. I honestly can't even describe to you how pretty it was. It gave me so much creative inspiration. I did not get any pictures in the house but the tour is completely free so make sure to do it when you visit. There were three stories and we went into every room which was perfectly decorated to fit a specific theme. The kitchen was one of my favorites. Somehow they managed to decorate the house with all kinds of colors and patterns without it looking tacky.  

They also have farm animals and some beautiful grounds to walk around on. The fall seems like the perfect time to go when the leaves are changing. The highlight of the farm is that the original gift shop is located on the property. They had tons of there items for sale. My mom bought this adorable water pitcher/flower vase. 

The really amazing thing about the company is all the pottery items are 100% handmade right in Aurora, NY. Each item is handcrafted and painted by an artist. The really cool thing I did not know before visiting is that each piece of art is hand stamped with the artist's initials who made the piece. The items are on the pricey side but now I totally understand why. I can totally appreciate the work that goes into the pieces and I have a new found love for this amazing company! 

Needless to say we had an amazing time and I highly recommend visiting the farm if you ever are in the area and get the chance! Tomorrow I am going to be sharing my top products from Mackenzie-Childs to go along with the theme. 

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