Monday, May 3, 2021

March & April 2021 Favorites

I feel like April flew by because Easter does not feel like it was a month ago. I never got around to posting my favorites for the month of March so I am combining it with April. I think this may be the most random assortment of products to date but I have been loving them all. Can you tell I was in the Spring cleaning mode? 
1. Kind Frozen Ice Cream Bars // OMG I think these are the best non-dairy ice cream bars I have ever tried. I found them at Target and tried them on a whim. They come in a salted caramel and peanut butter flavor and are relatively "healthy" for ice cream. You have to give them a try if you have a sweet tooth!

2. Scrub Daddy Sponge //  My favorite cleaning TikTok @Vanesamaro91 is always talking about how amazing the Scrub Daddy Sponges are for cleaning. I saw them in stock at Target a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. I would say that this sponge is definitely worth the hype. It does not seem to soak up any weird smells when doing dishes. I even put it in the dishwasher and it came out perfectly fine. It is like a magic eraser but even better because it does not disintegrate. 

3. Dawn Power Wash // This is another TikTok influenced cleaning purchase and I have used it for a bunch of things. Cleaning dishes, cleaning the stove, and cleaning the baseboards. It smells fresh and seems to really do the trick. I like it because it is soap but the sprayer makes it not so soapy. 

4. Hoover Carpet Cleaner // I have lived in my apartment going on two years and just re-signed for a third year. Most of my apartment is carpet so it was looking a little dull and had a few stains from Cooper. I did some reach and found this one from Hoover that has tons of Amazon reviews. I ended up cleaning my whole apartment with it. It took me two nights to do it all but the dirty water literally came out black. It dried really fast and my carpet looks way more fluffy now. 

5. Pura Scent: Cashmere Sweater // I have had my Pura since Christmas and have loved all the scents I have tried but this one definitely is my #1 so far. It smells amazing! I am horrible at being able to describe scents so check out the description in the link. 

6. Wilson Magnolia Golf Set // In the past few months I have been getting back into golf and wanted to invest in a used golf set. I have taken lessons in the past but have never had a full set of clubs. I did tons of research and decided I wanted to get a women's set that included all the basic clubs. I found this webpage super helpful. I did all kinds of looking on eBay and ended up finding this set used on Facebook marketplace for a super good deal and they shipped it to me. The shipping was not cheap but it was still much less than a new set. I have been using this set for about a month and really like it. It seems to have everything I need as a beginner. 

7. Buff City Soap Lotion & Foaming Hand Soap // They recently open a Buff City store in Dallas and I had never heard of it. After Googling it I was interested in checking out the store. I was totally surprised by how much I loved this store. They have natural/handmade beauty and bath products. Everything smells AMAZING and is really affordable. I picked up their body cream and foaming hand soap. I have been loving both products and can't wait to go back and try a few more things. I got the All Hail The Queen scent and the Island Nectar scent. 

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