Sunday, June 13, 2021

May 2021 Favorites

I can't believe it has already been almost three weeks since my last blog post. I have not been that busy recently but the weeks are still flying by. I have a bunch of trips planned in July and August this summer so I am kind of just taking it easy this month.
1. Athleta Warrior Long Line Sports Bra // There is an Athleta store pretty close to my apartment so when my mom was visiting at the beginning of May we walked down to the store. I had not been into an Athleta in a very long time. I was surprised by how many cute things they had. I ended up getting this sports bra in Navy. I don't know why it is so hard to find navy athletic wear. I have worn it a few times to workout and love it. It is long enough that I don't have to wear a tank top over it and it keeps me in place! 

2. Trader Joe's Sparkling Black Tea // OMG I bought this on a whim when I spotted it near the checkout. I love tea and sparkling water and this is the best of both. The only sugar it has in it is from the peach juice. After doing some research on it I guess this came out last summer at TJ's but somehow I missed it. 

3. J Crew Ruffle Tank Top // I picked this up a few weeks ago on sale and am loving it. The material of it is extra thick so it is not see-through. I think I might have to eventually get it in a few more colors but I don't have really any solid-colored tank tops. They would be perfect in the Texas heat. 

4. Cruel Summer // After seeing a few people talk about this show on their Instagram stories I decided to give it a try. I watch it on Hulu but it is on Freeform. I think this week is the last episode of the season. It is part mystery, part thriller, and part drama. I wouldn't say it is an all-time favorite show but I have been enjoying it especially when not much new has come out recently. 

5. Tori Gerbig // I recently started following her on Instagram. She is the CEO of the online clothing store Pink Lily. I had known of the company but never really looked at the site. I have seen a few things more recently featuring the brand. I started following her Instagram and enjoy her easy recipes and seeing her daily life running an online store with three kids. 

6. Medcursor Massage Gun // I had an Amazon gift card and after contemplating buying one of these massage guns forever I finally decided to pull the trigger. I first discovered the Theragun through my physical therapist who had one before they really became popular. Now I see them all over. At the time I was not willing to pay the hefty price tag but since then a ton of dupes have come out on Amazon. After doing a lot of research I finally decided on this one and I have been loving it. Especially now that I have been working out more again it feels SO good on sore mussels and this one was only about $60! 

7. Target Opalhouse Pouf // I was looking for a foot pouf and came across this one on Target. I have been loving it and think it looks way more expensive than $60. 

8. Buff City Soap Whip // In my favorites from April I shared about this brand and how I was loving their body lotion and foaming hand soap. Well, I decided to try this soap whip and I LOVE it. It is a moisturizing body wash that comes in a bar and I just scoop a little onto my loofa. I got it in the scent Narcissist and it smells amazing. I don't know if I can ever go back to normal body wash after trying this. 

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