Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Keeping it real

So if you don't know already I really love everyday wearable fashion. Though if I am going to be completely honest in the winter there are those days were I don't feel like getting dressed or I have no clue what to wear. I think the cold blah months has something to do with it (I don't like the cold)! So when I have no idea what to wear I tend to go for something comfy. Though the problem with comfy clothes is often times they don't look cute. So I fianlly came up with a SUPER comfy outfit that I think looks semi-stylish. Now don't get me wrong its not the most fashionable outfit but it works for me. I believe that everyone should have a "go to outfit" that you can be gartennted to always want to wear no matter your mood. This is my go to outfit, but yours might be competly different. I mean maybe your deffeniton of comfy is a pair of jeans. Just find what you feel the most comfy, confident and stylish in and you have your "go to outfit". Ok enough said here is my look....


1. Jacket- Its Patagonia and I got it for my birthday last year. Its really expensive but to me its so worth it. Its one of those investment pieces. (same jacket- the color is raw linen)
2. Black Leggings- I got these last year from Sam's Club in a 2 pack. I live in leggings so I always need more and these were a great deal! (similar)
3. Riding boots- These are from Aerosoles and they are a few years old. (same boots- REALLY on sale now)
4. Purse- Its from Francesca's collection which I got last year. (same purse) (similar)
5. Stud earrings- There from Target (earrings)

PS: I love listening to music when working on the computer and I recently downloaded the Spotify app. If you like music then I think you will love this. I can't believe I am saying this but I like it more then Pandora. You can listen to all the songs you want and its not as random as Pandora.

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