Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Welcome to my very first blog post!! I am so excited to be starting a blog so I can share my passion and love of all things girly. My blog is going to be about fashion, baking, DIY/crafting, beauty and lifestyle. I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. Now when I mean fashion I am talking everyday wearable fashion that you too could recreate and get inspiration from. I love shopping and being able to find good deals because it makes it more fun that way. Fashion and baking allows me to express my self creativly. I love getting dressed in the morning and picking out what I am going to wear. So through my blog I hope to bring you inspiration and maybe brighten up your day. My love of fashion and everything else I love grew even stronger when I discovered fashion blogs and Youtube. J's everyday fashion will always have a special place in my heart as it is the first fashion blog I ever discovered and I am not even sure how. All I know is that I would check her posts everyday and get ideas as I still do. I went on to discover the world of Youtube. I had no idea people posted videos about fashion and beauty. I loved the idea and I become addicted to watching videos all the time. These videos and blogs would brighten up my day and give me that bit of creativity. So now more than a few years later after discovering the world of blogs and Youtube I thought it would be so fun to start my own blog.  I have been wanting to for a while but was never sure if I should really do it. I was afraid my ideas would not be unique or any different though I have come to realize that it does not matter to me because it is doing something I love and I hope you will be able to see that threw my blog. I realized that I did not want this dream just to be a dream I wanted it to be a reality and that is what I am doing I am making my dream a reality. So with the help of my sister here goes a new fun and some what scary adventure.


PS: Stayed tuned for my first fashion blog which will be published on Wednesday!  

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